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Inland, hike up the verdant Mount Tapioi or hack through bamboo jungle to a trio of cascading waterfalls. Ernest Hemingway was a fan. Be sure to look for dishes and products made with nutmeg – it’s particularly good in ice cream. Across 30 square miles you’ll find more than 1,200 of these giant, camel-hump hills, named for their brown color during the dry season, where they bake in the sun. If you're staying for a bit, a visit to colonial Valladolid, a town built around a cenote (a partially underground swimming hole) makes for a swell day trip. Or, are unlimited spa treatments more your thing? When you arrive, dive in the water to snorkel with tropical fish and the friendly sea lions who will swim over to check you out. The colors alone will have you feeling nice and high: The government-mandated universal color of buildings is white-wash with a Kelly green trim, a catchy contrast to the surrounding land. Out of more than 7,000 tropical islands in the Philippines archipelago, these bizarre little creatures are found only on a small handful of islands in the southeastern quadrant, Bohol among them. Its tropical rainforest terrain features an absurd number of waterfalls, and just as many opportunities to lose yourself (in a good way) in its unspoiled beauty. Check out these under-the-radar Greek Islands. With little in the way of flat terrain, downhill mountain biking is the thing to do here. “It’s a volcanic island, so anywhere you go, you can make it a track.”, Jumps -- over obstacles, dirt roads, regular streets -- can be more than 15 feet long, but there’s plenty for beginners to tackle, too. The islands are particularly well-suited for women traveling solo, the sort of place where time just stops, encouraging you to toss your cell phone aside, if you can resist the urge to photograph everything in sight. There’s a reason you’re not acquainted with these places top-of-mind: They’re smallish, as world capitals go, and overshadowed, often literally, by the diversity of nature. All the very big names, they come to Madeira to ride just for fun,” says former national champion Rosie Bayntun. You can even pack light because Bawah Reserve will provide reef-safe sunscreen, organic toothpaste and do your laundry using ocean-friendly detergent. And they’re out there, ready and waiting to turn those vacation dreams into reality. Just find yourself a hammock and breathe in the hibiscus-scented air. Its content is produced independently of USA TODAY. A cruise is the ideal way to see the Galapagos, as you'll travel between islands overnight and wake up each day to a new and unique place to explore. Not just any Aegean islandDon’t get us wrong -- we love the Greek islands, but they can blend together after a while. The solution? Staying at Islas Secas is the ultimate in tranquility as only 18 guests may stay at the Islas Secas Reserve and Lounge at a time. The archipelago is now a protected marine conservation area. If the tides are right, you might just get to jump off the deck and swim back to shore. Caves, mountains, animals like nowhere else in the worldHome to Malaysia's five highest mountains and two longest rivers, there's no shortage of adventure in Borneo. Various companies will rent you all the gear you need and drive you around to various tracks across the island. In addition to waterfalls, crater lakes and rainforests, Grenada boasts one of the world’s most-famous beaches – Grand Anse Beach – plus 45 others. Whether you're dreaming of a beachy escape or plotting a course for the edges of the Earth, these are the world's 10 most beautiful islands: This is where the famed Venus de Milo was discovered in 1820, and the island -- like the statue -- does spectacular justice to the ancient goddess of love. But hey, we can dream, right? -- Jonathan Melmoth, MORE: How to get your adrenaline pumping on South Island. In the air and trees of the archipelago are over 50 types of birds, including peregrine falcons, frigates and the brightly colored Rufous-tailed hummingbird. The islands are strong and spacious enough to sustain the weight of a community of about 1,200 Uros locals and the tourists who come to visit. Roatán, part of Honduras' Bay Islands, is known as a friendly and unpretentious tropical paradise. Palawan offers many secert beaches with clear water and pale sand. -- Danielle Elliot, MORE: Australia is also home to perhaps the most perfect stretch of beach on Earth. Their Galapagos cruise is aboard the 24-cabined La Pinta, which features a 1.7-to-1 guest-to-crew ratio, extremely knowledgeable staff, and several ways to admire Galapagos' stunning island and sea views: through floor-to-ceiling windows in your cabin and the lounge, from the outdoor Sky Bar or from the on-deck hot tub. Those who value flexibility, individuality and small groups, freedom, adventure, ease and comfort will love UnCruise, a unique cruise line with boutique yachts and small expedition vessels that provide uncommon adventures. There are only four islands that allow hotels, and you'll want to visit several islands to see Darwin's theory of evolution displayed before your eyes. Madeira has been carving out a space for itself as an extreme-sports capital, not unlike Queenstown, New Zealand. Stay at San Ignacio Resort Hotel for a luxury jungle experience near the charming town of San Ignacio and within walking distance of the Mayan site of Cahal Pech. Between June and September, the mating season of humpback whales, Islas Secas has humpbacks from both the southern and northern hemispheres passing by. See monkeys in Gumbalimba Park? Start your trip through Sarawak at Lambir Hills National Park, where you can test your leg strength and lung capacity with a hike to the summit of Bukit Lambir, the highest peak in the 17,000-acre park. -- Erik Trinidad, Way more than just a pretty face But it's a dramatic backdrop of jungle mountains that make Mo'orea one of the most beautiful islands on Earth. You'll also need a wristband to access the area, plus a guide or specific directions, because Hidden Beach is invisible unless you know where to look. Surf? Resist the temptation to sleep in and catch the sunrise on the south end, where wind-worn cliffs break the open sea below a small pyramid in honor of Ixchel, Mayan deity of fertility and healing. You get it. Grab a snorkel and jump in the water, and you'll have sea lions, penguins and turtles swimming right next to you. You’ll have to work hard at seeing another guest while you enjoy your beach and plunge pool. Guests are housed in one of four locations featuring one-, two- or four-bedroom casitas complete with plunge pools and a complimentary mini-bar of drinks and snacks. Come dinnertime, head to La Justicia de Don Pino to try shrimp in the shell, hauled in by the local fisher's cooperative, or just stroll Hidalgo Street downtown and follow your nose. Feel like spending the day beneath the waves admiring the resident sea turtles with the in-house marine biologist? Far from terrestrial plants and light-filled shallows, the open ocean makes no accommodation for human comfort or survival. Your personal preferences for what you like to do on vacation – snorkel off the beach? More island vacation spots: Best Romantic Island Getaways in Florida. Lapped by the Indian Ocean in a dozen hues. The Pitons are twin volcanic spires located in Saint Lucia. Islands are the exception. One bat cave. Granite cliffs swerve for the breakers, giving way to powdery beaches: one, Anse Macquereau, can be turned into a perfectly private getaway. This secluded Indian Ocean island is 35 minutes by private yacht from the Maldives’ Malé International Airport. Scuba divers and snorkelers delight at the animal and plant life thriving in Roatán's clear waters. But it goes so, so much deeper, with Portuguese, Brazilian, Ghanan, and French influences coalescing into a unique culture full of great food, incredible wine, and party-loving spirit spiked with rich and complex history. Lord Howe was a popular honeymoon spot for Australians in the days before long, expensive flights became a little less expensive. Add Puerto Rico to your list of best Caribbean islands and visit soon. High mountains swoop toward indigo water off Senja Island, a showstopping destination in a country with more than 50,000 beautiful islands. It’s everywhere, from the oceanfront eateries to perhaps the greatest annual Carnival celebration on the planet. Panamanian Chef Alex Hey Rojas, who was a Top Chef Panama participant, creates Panamanian cuisine featuring seasonal produce and local fish, while Canadian chef Katie bakes desserts and breads, makes ice creams, and even cures and smokes her own bacon and fish. Take Jameos del Agua, for example, a system of intriguing caves with a surprise ending. Head south -- far, far south, so freaking south that you end up in South Island. Learn about local cultures? From the rocky summits of Ånderdalen National Park to deep, ice-chilled fjords, Senja Island is a dramatic stage for the natural beauty of the Arctic. G Adventures takes just eight passengers aboard its catamaran to explore the nooks and crannies of the BVIs. Turns out, that “land” only accounts for a mere 30% of the vast area; the majority is barrier islands, wetlands, woodlands, and protected country parks. Consider Puerto Rico as a great Caribbean island option too. You'll feel like you're in the land of the giants as you explore The Baths, on the north shore of Virgin Gorda, one of the British Virgin Islands (also known as the BVIs). Take a day trip to see Ball's Pyramid, the world’s largest freestanding seastack, and stop at the sea arch on the way back. Upon arrival at remote Bluff Island, you'll find powder-white beaches, crystal waters, and trees covered in red pineapples (you can’t really eat them, but still).


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