alessandro volta
1769 – Volta published a dissertation titled On the Attractive Force of the Electric Fire, and on the Phenomena Dependent On It, which he sent to Beccaria. That scientist was another Italian, Luigi Galvani. In 1817, this inspired Mary Shelley to write Frankenstein. However Volta did develop it independently, had built an improved version of the device, named it and later popularized it. The main scientists influencing his thinking were Isaac Newton, Roger Boscovich, Benjamin Franklin and Giambatista Beccaria himself. With the condenser, Volta ascertained the existence of negative electricity in water vapor in the gas obtained by dissolving iron in a weak solution of sulfuric acid, and in the smoke of burning coal. The beauty of his device was that almost anyone could make one – silver and copper coins were available to many people, as were other metals such as iron, tin and zinc. Following the discovery of the native air of the marshes (methane) in 1778, he invented a series of tools and devices, among which the so-called Volta’s pistol and the musket that, it is told, he used to go hunting birds in the area of Campora, around Como. 1776 – Aged 31, Volta was the first person to isolate methane gas. The pile is made using discs of silver (A) and zinc (Z) linked in series with card soaked in salt water. In 1881, scientists decided that the unit of electric potential would be called the volt to recognize Volta’s great contributions to electrical science. In 1777, he traveled for the first time with scientific purposes to Switzerland and France. The positive and negative polarities of this battery are as shown. Late Eighteenth Century European Scientists, In 1769, aged 24, Alessandro Volta published his first scientific paper on electricity titled On the Attractive Force of the Electric Fire, and on the Phenomena Dependent on It. He is an extraordinary man. In 1774, Volta became a professor of physics at the Royal School in Como. Volta’s family wanted him to become a lawyer. It was here that he invented his most famous invention, the voltaic pile. He also believed that animals such as electric eels could build up extra amounts of this fluid and use it to deliver electric shocks. Just like his father, Alessandro Volta married at a venerable age to a much younger woman. He set out to prove that electricity did not come from the animal tissue but was generated by the contact of different metals, brass and iron, in a moist environment. He died, when Alessandro was only seven, leaving his wife and seven surviving children in debt. In this novel, a creature made of a monstrous mixture of body parts from dead people is brought to life by Doctor Frankenstein using electricity from a lightning storm. He retired to a country house close to his home town of Como, where he could spend more time with his wife, Maria Teresa. Biography of Alessandro Volta, Inventor of the Battery. He explained how he had invented a device that produced static electricity: the electricity could be transferred to other objects. The couple had three sons named Zanino, Flaminio, and Luigi. His version of eudiometer was superior to others because it used hydrogen as the gas reacting with oxygen, giving a clean, reliable reaction. He said that teaching in Como’s classrooms should be modernized. (We now talk of standard electrode potentials, meaning roughly the same thing.). Three years later he was appointed to the chair of physics at the University of Pavia. He found the key to getting them to move was contact with two different metals. Volta was made a count by Napoleon Bonaparte and the unit of electrical potential was named volt in his honor a few decades after his death. While at the Royal School, Alessandro Volta designed his first invention, the electrophorus, in 1774.


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