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What's what, Ms. Trunchbull? I? | Which of these Roald Dahl inspired baby names is your favourite? : Cindy - aka Cinderella, from Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes - is feisty, independent, and not at all happy to marry the bloodthirsty prince of the classic fairytale. [chanting with the rest of the class]  Edward appears in short story Edward The Conqueror, where he does everything he can to dissuade his wife from believing that her cat is the reincarnation of musician Franz Liszt. Agatha Trunchbull Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Rita Ora. JUST LIKE THE MOVIES! See more of AMANDA THRIPP.....!!!! As in, the man himself - after all, he is the subject of his book, Boy. Mike Teavee is the telly-loving little boy who winds up getting SHRUNK in Charlie And The Chocolate factory. | Agatha Trunchbull : About See All. Baby names: 116 ILLEGAL names you need to be aware of, Your guide to pumpkin carving this Halloween, Cool (and affordable) Christmas gifts for the special dog or cat in your life, Grieving mums reveal what you should never say to someone who's suffered a miscarriage, These are the best face masks for children going back to school, Got a pet? We recorded this video over the … Willy Wonka needs no introduction; he’s the magical chocolate creator, who comes armed with golden tickets, Oompa Loompas, and fudgemallow delight bars! It’s easy to see why, too; she’s brainy, witty, and willing to risk life and limb in pursuit of her calling. : Mrs. Roald Dahl was an imaginative novelist, poet, inventor, chocolate taster, and fighter pilot - we reckon he’s DEFINITELY worth naming your little one after! Amanda Thripp is a little girl at Crunchem Hall Elementary School. Can you spell? What are those? : Miss Honey taught us how to spell a long word yesterday. How sweet. Matilda (1996) Jacqueline Steiger as Amanda Thripp. Cue her doing her own thing in a SERIOUSLY awesome way. Amanda Thripp But, if she had to pick a fave, it would have to be ‘Grease’! Amanda Thripp is a secondary character in "Matilda". We’re introduced to him in the classic Esio Trot, where he lives on the balcony of her flat, beneath Mr Hoppy (who is secretly in love with Mrs Silver.). By the time she was 10, she was 10 years old! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She soon helps them to put a stop to those wicked children-eating giants… and remains utterly unfazed by everything, even the BFG’s whizzpopping demonstration! or. George Kranky whipped up that truly magical and marvellous potion in George’s Marvellous Medicine - not to mention taught his wicked grandmother a lesson she’d never forget! Agatha Trunchbull [mimicking Amanda with a high-pitched tone]  Think Jack And The Beanstalk of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes - you know, the one who steals a LOT of gold and becomes a bonafide millionaire. FAVOURITE SINGERS Amanda Thripp 5, 6, 7, 8… Grand High Witch Eva Ernst might be the wickedest witch to ever grace the pages of The Witches, but she sure had style! Amanda Thripp Public Figure. VAT no 918 5617 01, H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. : : | : Eep. Here are the best carpet cleaners to keep your home gleaming, EastEnders star Melissa Suffield reveals 'absolute meltdown' after skin peeled off during breastfeeding, Forget paddling pools, splash pads are the coolest option for your kids this summer, The best family-friendly meal delivery kits, Lydia Bright shares genius Amazon mum gadget and it's only £24. WHY ARE ALL THESE WOMEN MARRIED? : 437 people like this. Magnus was Miss Honey’s dignified and loving father, willing to do anything for his little girl. Danny - of Danny, The Champion of The World - is resourceful, and brave, too. The wondrous writing of Roald Dahl tend to always feature the incredible illustrations of Quentin Blake! Hortensia is the older girl that befriends Matilda and warns her about Miss Trunchbull - and soon becomes something of a hero to the youngster. Page Transparency See More. : My mommy thinks they're sweet. : Bruce Bogtrotter was the brave boy who scoffed an entire chocolate cake in Matilda - and showed the Trunchbull that children can do anything! : Agatha Trunchbull Amanda Thripp Agatha Trunchbull : [pointing her riding crop at Amanda] Can you spell? You're supposed to be teaching SPELLING, not poetry! As 2016 marks 100 years since the storyteller’s birth in Cardiff, we’ve decided to look back over the many amazing characters created by Roald Dahl. : James Henry Trotter is the lonely little boy of James And The Giant Peach, but his luck starts to change when he meets a mysterious old man. Birthdate: April 19th, 2006 Age: 14 Full Name: Mia Isabella McLoughlin FAR FAR FROM HOME Mia grew up in a tiny little town in Lancashire and moved to the big city of London when she was cast to play Amanda Thripp in ‘Matilda The Musical’ in the … Amanda Thripp: Jimmy Karz ... Bruce Bogtrotter: Michael Valentine ... Nigel Hicks Liam Kearns ... Charles Mark Watson ... Magnus: Kira Spencer Cook ... Hortensia (as Kira Spencer Hesser) J.C. …


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