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But the visual gags are still at the heart of it all. “Sons of the Desert” is classic Laurel and Hardy with funny dialogue, physical gags, Hardy's obnoxious brother-in-law character played well by Charley Chase, and more. Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy. Starring: 93 years ago, comedy legends Laurel and Hardy were paired together as a team for the first time. Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Thelma Todd, Leo McCarey It showcases the talents of not only our protagonists, but also their writers and co-stars. Similarly, when the boys are confronted by the wives for a confession and they refuse, we know full well that Stan is going to break, and in the most wonderfully maladjusted fashion. ( Log Out /  Here’s the long and the short of it. It sees Ollie offer Stan a temporary billet after he is discovered guarding his Great War trench two decades after the Armistice. Hardy she describes as a shy, sweet man, who would sometimes sit on the set and play his ukulele. He doesn’t like to think of the boys as suicidal or deeply depressed. The only thing that Stan helps with is ruining every suit that Ollie owns and making an even bigger mess of things. Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Alan Hale, A. Edward Sutherland The cuckoo sound that plays throughout represents Stan; not bright, naïve, not all there. . There is a lot of debate on what Stan and Babe’s best films were. Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Patricia Ellis, Buddy Film  •  Comedy  •  Military Comedy, James Parrott Yet when they did find gainful employment, as in Helpmates (1932) and Dirty Work (1933), things rapidly escalated out of control. You have two idiots, and a bunch of dignified people walking around with pies on their faces. He refuses, on the basis that he couldn’t bear to leave Laughing Gravy. What resulted remains one of the most consistently amusing shorts in the entire Laurel and Hardy canon. The films looked and sounded very good, especially considering when they were made. They’re my heroes. It was then reused in an accurate recreation of the sequence eight decades later. Hardy of course plays impersonates the Colonel in all of his pomp, whereas Laurel is forced to play both the butler Hives and the maid Agnes. If anything, the straight men were the supporting players, most notably James Finlayson (arguably their finest antagonist, and the person whom Homer Simpson’s cry of “D’oh!” is based on). Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Of course, the landlord finds out. He tells Hardy that the way to deal with the rambunctious kids is to treat them with kindness, because “You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be led.”. His actions become more and more overwrought as he, and the audience, anxiously awaits the moment of impact. I won’t ruin the shenanigans that ensues, but it does lead to Laurel angrily object to being called a “You you”. You're very welcome. “Way Out West” is set in the cowboy town of Brushwood Gulch.  •   Starring: (archive footage), First Drunk / Yet wisps of social critique colour the scenes with stepfather Rychard Cramer and banker Richard Tucker. Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Tom Kennedy, Fred Guiol Here is one of the best bits in the film, Babe singing “Shine on Harvest Moon” as he and Stan attempt to leave the camp: Stan and Ollie get a job working in a sawmill. With their unforgettable catchphrases, unparalleled slapstick humour, and characters that will leave you laughing for the rest of the day, Laurel and Hardy never stop bringing in the fun.  •   Starring: But their decline was slow and miserable, reaching its nadir with Atoll K – a miserable film with a terribly sick looking Laurel and Hardy. Indeed, directors would often loathe working with Laurel as he would essentially take over and control each aspect of production, such was his understanding and dedication to the team. Later, Laurel takes Hardy's temperature..Hardy asks him, "What does it say?" The pair would wind up in hospital again in Thicker than Water (1935), in which a flustered Stan self-reflexively pulls the film’s next scene across the screen in his haste to help the ailing Ollie. The big, dominating, pompous Hardy is represented by the domineering melody that backs it.  •   Heartbroken at being jilted by his sweetheart, Ollie coerces Stan into joining him in the Foreign Legion, where they endure the wrath of Fort Arid commandant Charles Middleton and an attack by the Riffs. Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Vivien Oakland, James Parrott Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Sharon Lynn, Gus Meins, Charley Rogers Incidentally, the beginning of the film sees Laurel and Hardy in bed together, a regular scene in their films and an influence on Morecombe and Wise’s famous in bed sketches decades later. There’s rarely a happy ending in their films – comedy comes from pathos and there is usually an unfortunate end to the boys’ adventures. Whilst Laurel’s on screen character was naïve and mild mannered, Hardy’s was more brutish and would regularly often hit Stan out of frustration. Laurel replies, “Wet and windy.” He’d taken Hardy’s temp. The morning after he looks in the mirror and admonishes himself, and then he calls his best friend Stan to come over and help clean it up. “The Tree in a Test Tube”, made for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is notable for being Laurel and Hardy’s only surviving color movie. It's been referred to as the gold standard of Laurel and Hardy books. For this writer, Laurel and Hardy are Hollywood’s original comedy geniuses. (archive footage). 4.7 out of 5 stars 90 ratings. After numerous failed attempts, the boys finally do manage to get the piano to the top of the stairs, only to be informed of the ramp they could have used by the postman. And with Skretvedt and Bann, they’re so knowledgeable about Laurel and Hardy, that it’s like taking a fun, film education class just listening to them. Ollie is instructed to travel to the mountains in order to recover from gout (perhaps a reference to the previous year’s feature, Sons of the Desert). Good list! Meanwhile, a pie delivery man, holding a crate of the desserts, stumbles on the peel. Dulcy's Father / They carry the piano back down the stairs and take it back up via the ramp. The subplot involving composer Walter Woolf King and diva wife Della Lind is no flimsier than similar conceits in Marx Brothers vehicles, while the set-pieces have a surreality that is absent from Laurel and Hardy’s other feature outings. Hand-picked. The more somber of the two ends with the landlord’s suicide – a standard comedy trope at the time that was regularly used in cartoons. The films looked and sounded very good, especially considering when they were made. Posted by Angie Hottentots-Laurel on July 16, 2012,, Great line-up! Eventually Stan winds up drinking all the drink he was to share with Ollie (his half was on the bottom). Although it is all in black and white and features some effects that look undoubtedly flimsy, the vast majority of the material has aged remarkably well. It’s a must buy purchase for fans of Laurel & Hardy and classic comedy in general. While Laurel and Hardy may not have any lines in the movie, it’s still fun to see them in Technicolor. But the full second reel, missing for 60 years and featuring the famous pie fight, was only discovered five years ago by toxicologist and film historian Jon Mirsalis.. But, these points don’t take away the enjoyment you get from watching the films. There are still several choice set-pieces, however, involving some wax fruit and a cameoing Charley Chase, while the punchline twist is a doozy. It starts off in a little hotel in France. Ollie meets and falls in love with the owner’s daughter, and wants her to marry him. Laurel then starts to sing in a woman’s soprano voice. Their career spanned the tail end of the silent era and the mid-1950s, and their best work is found across both shorts and features, so here’s six of one and half a dozen of the other. The idea was to show the importance of wood to Americans’ daily lives during World War II, and as a replacement for metal. Alf Stan has hilarious breakdown. The set is region free. Interestingly, this has two endings.  •   Authors Randy Skretvedt (“Laurel and Hardy: The Magic Behind the Movies”) and Richard W. Bann (“Laurel and Hardy”, “The Little Rascals: The Life and Times of Our Gang") provide very informative commentaries for each film in the Blu-rays on the second audio track. Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Gladys Gale, William A. Seiter The Cuckoo Song, the duo’s theme, sums their characterisations up perfectly. “Sons of the Desert” and “Way Out West”, two of the duo’s most popular feature films, also highlight the set. The movie contains Laurel and Hardy's charming soft-shoe shuffle dance routine sequence as The Avalon Boys Quartet croon “At the Ball,That’s All.” Inside the saloon, Laurel and Hardy sing “The Trail of the Lonesome Pine.” A funny sequence has Laurel all of a sudden performing his part in a deep bass singing voice.


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