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She also attempted to murder three other children and caused grievous bodily harm to another six. The crimes were committed over a period of 59 days from February to April 1991 in the children's ward at Grantham and Kesteven Hospital, Lincolnshire, where Allitt was employed as a State Enrolled Nurse. Beverley Allitt, 49, fell ill on Sunday and is now receiving round-the-clock care for the life-threatening condition, according to staff at Rampton high-security hospital in Nottinghamshire. It was only following the death of Peck that medical staff became suspicious of the number of cardiac arrests on the children's ward and police were called in. Beverley refused to plead guilty in court, despite overwhelming evidence, but despite this, she was found guilty on every charge and given 13 life sentences. She went on trial at Nottingham Crown Court in 1993. The song "Hand That Rocks the Cradle" on Black Sabbath's 1994 album Cross Purposes is about the case. Beverley Allitt, 49, was sentenced to 13 life sentences at Nottingham Crown Court in 1993 after murdering four children while working as a nurse at a hospital in Lincolnshire. [19] Allitt's story was depicted in episodes of the true crime documentaries Crimes That Shook Great Britain, Deadly Women, Born To Kill?, Evil Up Close, and Nurses Who Kill. Topics: True Crime, TV News, TV Entertainment, Sky, Joanna is a journalist at Tyla with a particular interest in highlighting women's issues and telling inspiring first person stories. This article features links that redirect you to products sold on third party websites. [6][7] She is detained at Rampton Secure Hospital in Nottinghamshire. It also looks back at news archives from the time, and includes forensic expert analysis "in a bid to understand the psyche" of one of Britain's most evil killers. Sign up to our newsletter! Allitt attempted to murder him with an insulin overdose on three occasions the day before he was transferred to another hospital, where he recovered. Kayley Desmond (then one year old) – admitted to the ward for a chest infection. [17] It was reported that some families of Allitt's victims had previously mistakenly believed that her minimum tariff had been set at forty years.[11]. Four of Allitt's victims had died. [18] This disorder is described as involving a pattern of abuse in which a perpetrator ascribes to, or physically falsifies illnesses in, someone under their care to attract attention to themselves. Yik Hung Chan (also known as Henry, then two years old) – admitted to the ward following a fall on 21 March 1991. You may well remember the horrific crimes of the then 21-year-old nurse, but for those who don't, Beverley - known as the 'Angel of Death' - is famed for having killed four children in cold blood while working at Grantham Hospital in 1991. The jury heard that psychiatrists who had examined her had concluded she was suffering from Munchausen Syndrome by proxy, a mental illness where sufferers crave attention. [14][15], In the 2018 documentary Trevor McDonald and the Killer Nurse, Allitt reportedly told close friends before her trial that she would never go to prison. None of the families of Allitt's victims had been told of her full confession in the failed application. After one week in prison she refused to eat or drink and was moved to Rampton Secure Hospital. Where you click one of those links you are likely to have a cookie placed on your computer so that the website you are redirected to recognises that you have arrived there from this website.


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