causes of traffic in lagos
There is a new social media platform with the goal of connecting Nigerians, Africans, and the world at large. If they’re not bulling you for some mad up traffic offense, they’re wasting your time on the roadside in a bid to get some token amount from you (I’ve been in this situation before). Incredibly, one Nigerian is standing against the odd…. During the early few days in January, come and see how free the road is, and that's because most road users have gone to their villages for the holiday. Drivers who can’t sit tight in one lane, these guys carry the road on their heads like their lives depended on it. Manual or Automatic – Which Is Best To Learn How To Drive With? The teams at Amverified are not relenting and are ready to make this a massive success in the long run. Sometimes the jams are difficult to explain defying logic but then again…..almost everything that happens in Nigeria defies logic. Therefore, it is critical as Africans that we come up with a unique approach for us to interact using our models while promoting trust and one identity at a time. Below are various causes of Lagos Traffic, (as we like to call it) and possible solutions. This Guy Bought a Sports Car From Alibaba and Got Something Else. Hence, the birth of Spread the love After being held up in hours-long traffic gridlock, you get to the end of the traffic queue, only to find no reason for the traffic hold up. Stopping every 50 meters to drive around a crevice or creep into it, a 5minute journey quickly turning into a 15minute one. Let’s go. Worse is their act of passenger pickups at undesignated areas. 0 Skipping Traffic Lights. 1. The “look left and right” philosophy usually causes some form of chaos during rush hour. Motion Town is the number one car show in Nigeria, with an update to date news on the car world, car reviews, buying guide and motion madness. If a drop of water falls from the sky unto 3rd Mainland bridge, the people of VI and Mainland Oworshoki will feel it, just go around and ask. 53 Views Bad roads . You should know that it is now rampant on social media for hackers/spammers to clone accounts. Funny how a huge percentage of the traffic officials unconsciously contribute to the gridlocks in the city from seizing commercial bikes to setting up checkpoints on busy roads. As a driver you need to be careful when this people are by your side any small turn you brush them. The presence of the big red lights means nothing but “look left and right bro” and move! You can play your part in making history by getting an account on today! File size error: The file exceeds allowed the limit (92 MB) and can not be uploaded. If you want your business page to be verified and probably use your business name to register a profile, its still cool, just follow the same process above with your business registered certificate NOTE: If you get verified with a badge, kindly maintain your decent profile with same name, make sure you always have your profile picture except a business profile as you will lose your verification if you edit your profile name or username. To create an account on amverified is as simple as ABC and FREE for everyone: Select “edit” and fill in the necessary information. Lets not even start with police escorts that disrupt traffic during rush hour. Imagine a social media community that gives everything the internet has to offer to make life easier? Everybody Knows what this people do on the road, Illegal Extortion from danfo drivers, Illegal check points , following one way etc, Some times in the name of catching danfo drivers do you know this guys can block the road for almost 1 hour if you don’t believe please go to ikeja Along or oshodi. Upload a photo with your ID. Just take a look at what happens at Lekki toll gate, this explains it properly. Danfo drivers and their ever wayward ways of driving, Napep drivers with their constant need to cause traffic just because and the suicidal Okada riders, no helmets or safety gear but they always feel the need to cut you off at every intersection. I guess because of their size they think they can just enter any small lane and bypass motor cars. Your post was submitted, we will review your content soon. The most common cause of traffic in Lagos is too many vehicles on the road, also fewer road networks. Even thou this is the fastest mode of transport in Lagos, when this guys are looking for customers they can block the road just to get one person to enter their bike. These drivers are notorious for violating traffic laws. Your name, pictures, and other related details are used to create fake identities. Driving against traffic, changing lanes without using their turn signals because “Never let the enemy know your next move”, they’re usually driving Toyota Corollas.


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