different words to say have a good day
2.) Required fields are marked *. I know, I can! In that case, you might want a few more phrases to add to your arsenal! “I know you will do your best.”, “You don’t have to be perfect to have a great day!” For me, a lovely day is any day I wake up. "Good day to you, Mr. O'Ruddy," he said, showing me his little teeth. “Mama always comes back (from this book)”, “Have a great day… but if you don’t… that’s okay too!” “I’m excited to see you tackle __________ today!” This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before. have a good day. Pingback: This is Why I Will Never Stop Asking My Son How His Day Was, Your email address will not be published. 3.) “Have a rock n’ roll day!” More often than not we are stumbling for words and we mutter a “Have a Good Day” as our children stumble out away from us. “Good day, you cow at the manger,” said the Cat to Daisy the cow. “See you soon” # greeting , meeting hello. Good day . Saying “Have a good day” never seemed to cut it. However, what if we had a list of encouraging alternatives to Have a Good Day that set our kids up for the best they can be? “I love you” In fact, its one of the most frustrating routines in most families and can cause a lot of disconnect. Now, you know just as much as I do that some times even the right words won’t make for a perfect day. phr. Morning sun is rising and I will you a good day ahead. # farewell. # farewell. Used to bid farewell to someone. 693 Good Day synonyms - Other Words for Good Day. 260 Have A Good Day synonyms - Other Words for Have A Good Day , n. have a good one. Your email address will not be published. “Have a rock ‘n roll day.” Rock ‘n roll is a genre of music that is all about having fun and expressing … “Whatever will be will be, the future is not ours to see.” I wish you all the best for your life. In fact, I can vividly remember the days of my son with SPD in public school. Even the more complex goals can make it happen if every day … * This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. Place it on the fridge, in a frame or even hand it to your best friend the next time they ask for a play date. phr. Have a good day. have a good day. A good day starts with one positive thought, A good day starts with some good things in mind, May you have a crazy day, A day which is one of a kind. Good day, Mrs. Pussy,” said Bruin; “have you had anything to eat to-day? 1.) 13 Phrases to Calm an Angry Child I wish you an energetic day ahead. With the permission of the members of my sensory support group, I have gathered some of these simple encouraging phrases and made a list that is easy for you to use, hang on your fridge or keep in your car. , n. # pleasure , day good afternoon. all the best. 64 Positive Things to Say to Kids “I’m so proud of you.” Keep smiling because this is the key to have a happy life. Discover how to get siblings to get along even when all they do is annoy each other with the Sibling “Get Along” Poster Pack! “I believe in you.”, “You are my pride and joy.” n. , int. “You are awesome” I thought I should find you dressed, and I went in to wish you good day. phr. Unknown. “Have a safe day” “Make good choices.” “Mama always comes back (from this book)” “Have a great day… but if you don’t… that’s okay too!” “See you later, alligator.” “You are strong, smart, and capable.” “Have a rock n’ roll day!” “Enjoy your new day.” “Be yourself.” phr. “Today’s going to be a great day! 13 Phrases to Calm An Anxious Child  “Close your eyes and picture your day.” Did you know there are 5 Unique Behavior Types, and knowing this for your child can provide incredible clarity and confidence in connecting with, understanding and empowering your child. “I truly hope that you have a nice day and that you do … With anxiety high, worry looming, and everyone rushing, sometimes even the best intentions come out wrong and we leave our kids with words that might not be the most encouraging to start their day. Especially if you have a child who struggles with sensory processing, anxiety, anger, or emotional regulation. This post comes with a free printable  to share with friends or to hang on your fridge as a good reminder of what we go through every single day. Simple Phrases to Reconnect with Your Child, This is Why I Will Never Stop Asking My Son How His Day Was. I can feel it!”, “Don’t stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top! ” “You make me proud.” “Have a safe day” Keep smiling. “You are strong, smart, and capable.” Have you ever noticed that it doesn’t matter if your kids are in kindergarten or high school, getting out the door in the morning and on to school is never an easy task? “Have fun and learn lots.” Goodness, I could stand to hear these myself. Have A Good Day At Work Messages. Simple Phrases to Reconnect with Your Child # greeting , hi lovely day. “You can handle it” I have made a simple printable for you that has the entire list in a simple and easy to display format. # pleasure , day great day. “See you later, alligator.” Wishing you an amazing time Have a good day! Just the other day in our sensory support group, someone asked “What words do you say to your child with SPD, as you send them off to school each day?” Immediately, I started following the thread, because can’t we all use encouraging phrases to say to your child before school each day? “Make good choices.” Have a nice day . Don’t get caught struggling to find the words to describe your child. Click here for my full disclosure. May you every day be blessed with the best. The truth is, some days just weren’t very good. HAND. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.


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