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[69] After Happy arrives and they all get up, everyone notices that the trees around them have died due to the boy's Magic. [99], Later, Elfman, Natsu and the Celestial Spirit Leo attack and fail to land a hit, but they do not give up, although at some point Elfman falls unconscious while Natsu battles Jackpot. He then argues with Rustyrose, talking about how the trust between people allows for guilds to be formed and Rustyrose laughs at this and talks about the horror of Zeref. [278] He has no element, but has a purple Take Over crest, and he possesses the following Spells in the game: Elfman Strauss is a playable character in the sequel to Fairy Tail Portable Guild, Fairy Tail Portable Guild 2. Elfman Strauss [109] After Wendy Marvell doesn't show up in time to be a part of the Games, Elfman decides to participate in her place and assists Team Natsu with getting through the Sky Labyrinth. Elfman is a true man's man of Fairy Tail, the manliest of the guild. Magic Under Byro's orders, Kanaloa soon boards Christina and attempts to prevent the Mages from going any further. After hearing some of the guild members commenting on Lisanna's cute appearance, Elfman tries to keep everyone away from his sister. [146] Later, Elfman and the rest of Fairy Tail encounter the Dragon, Atlas Flame, who releases a Dragon's Roar and disperses the Fairy Tail members. [144] As the guilds prepare for the potential battle, Elfman acknowledges an alarming noise emitting from the castle. Partner(s) He is then shocked when Velveno, the man they were on the lookout for, steps in and proposes to her. At the beginning of the Tenrou Island arc, Elfman, while retaining his sandals, switched to a light kimono shirt with elbow-long sleeves, mostly covered in dark, elongated spots and held closed around the waist by a similarly dark sash, and loose dark pants reaching down below his knees. After it passes, the boy is gone. Christopher R. Sabat Later, Elfman saves Macao from his Lizardman and takes over the battle. Sunday VS Magazine : Shuuketsu ! [31], When Fairy Tail assaults Phantom Lord, Elfman is seen taking out a few of their members (while talking about being a man) as well as fighting with Gajeel before Natsu interrupts. [188] He later watches as the Dragons ascend into the skies and bid farewell, claiming that they will always watch over the humans. Race [281] He possesses the following spells: Fairy Tail Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Il maitrise la magie de type aspirateur. Mirajane just smiles and wonders if Laxus will remain exiled now. The duo question what happened, but are interrupted by Seilah of the Nine Demon Gates, who has been sitting behind them the entire time. Fairy Academy: Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan. Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 192, Pages 15-19, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 195, Pages 11-14, Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 199, Pages 13-14. Occupation When it is told by Balsamico that the job is to protect the ball from the notorious Velveno, Elfman and the others suit up and enter the dance. Happy then slams into Lucy, flinging the ointment bottle all over everyone, causing everyone to go invisible except from Lucy. However, this plan fails as well, as Jackpot traps Natsu, Elfman and Lucy's Celestial Spirit, Cancer, causing them to attack one another once again. Eventually the Dragon flies into the air and prepares its final attack to destroy the island. [21] He was around 12 years old at the time. Magie [158] and that the only way to stop Liberum is by destroying the Trinity: Ophiuchus, Astral Spirytus and the Celestial Globe all at the same time. 18 (X784)[1] [273], Elfman and the other men of Fairy Tail clean the pool behind the guild. [2] Lisanna often speaks up for him, telling others to leave him alone. After that, Elfman and the others return to their world. Terme issu de la traduction officielle de l'éditeur ou de la VF de l'animé, il ne faut pas le modifier ! Elfman starts charging towards the man, but before he can get too close the boy tells him to stop and not to come near him. [67], When the second trial to find Mavis Vermillion's grave begins, Elfman and Evergreen run into one of the pig-like wild animals on the island. Professional Status Ses longs cheveux blancs sont maintenus vers le haut. Mary takes Satan Soul from Mirajane to use for herself. Affiliation [37] Elfman, enraged at seeing her captured and determined to become strong enough to protect his sister, attempts and succeeds, in executing a Full-Body Take Over, easily overpowering Sol. Rustyrose then uses his Magic to display an image of Zeref, and Elfman and Evergreen are shocked to realize that Zeref is the boy they ran into earlier. When Lucy manages to control Real Nightmare by herself and Natsu breaks free from the world of darkness, Klodoa finds the chance to escape, much to the disappointment of Elfman. [92], Afterwards, the three siblings go on a picnic. Left weakened as a side-effect of the Magic, Elfman stays on the ground and is seen crying at Michelle’s performance; even joining in at one point to try and state that he himself is Lucy. [100] He is later seen hiding behind a rock contacting Warren, when Michelle is revealed to be Imitatia of Reborn Oración Seis and takes Lucy and Natsu. The three then destroy the room due to the terrible sight, and Elfman, along with the other male Mages, collapses in the destroyed pool, while Mirajane scolds Makarov for his actions. (エルフマン・ストラウス, Erufuman Sutorausu) est un puissant mage de la guilde Fairy Tail. [222][223] However, the two are easily overwhelmed by his immense power, but Elfman still swears to protect both Lisanna and the guild at any cost. Elfman and the others' clock pieces start to glow and then combine together to form the Infinity Clock. As Elfman is overpowered by Imitatia, he warns Natsu to be careful, because she focuses her attacks on their vitals. [153] Then, when Natsu removes the Grand Magic Games trophy from his sack, Elfman cheers even louder than before right alongside his guildmates. [174], Elfman prepares the Lacrima bomb to destroy Fairy Tail, Elfman watches the glowing Lacrima as tears continue to descend down his cheeks. During class, Elfman tells fellow student Lucy that he won't allow any man to date Mirajane unless they are stronger than himself. Relatives Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess He is very happy to see Lucy and calls their reunion a "manly reunion. Magic Battle Hammer: He uses a giant Magic Hammer in battle. [110], Elfman then proceeds to volunteer to take part in the Grand Magic Games' opening game, Hidden. Magic When Makarov finishes a speech and Natsu riles everyone up, Elfman states he will protect the guild in the upcoming war. [19] After his older sister, Mirajane, defeated a Demon that terrorized their village and took on its form, Elfman was forced out of the village along with his two siblings. Age Elfman, like his older sister, did not wish to comment on the most difficult job he had ever taken. [51], Elfman is seen amongst the guild members receiving a lecture and commenting on the Dark Guilds. Magic However, after the job was finished, he had a bandage over his eye. [14], He considers himself the strong-willed and proud powerhouse of Fairy Tail. Japanese Auparavant, Elfman était faible et timide. [32][33] He was also later seen trying to comfort Lucy along with Gray, Natsu and Happy. Elfman, Coco and Natsu then charge at her together, but Imitatia is able to prevail once again, despite the difference in numbers. Épisode 002 [77], Elfman carrying Evergreen after their defeat, A heavily wounded Elfman later arrives at Fairy Tail's base camp carrying Evergreen. Counterpart English Voice [23], In the year X782, Elfman was deeply scarred by an incident where his younger sister, Lisanna, was supposedly killed by him when she tried to stop his rampage after he attempted to use Beast Soul: Full-Body Take Over. Ichiya then tells the Fairy Tail Mages to quickly jump out onto the Zentopia grounds. First Fairy Tail BuildingSecond Fairy Tail Building (former) Japanese Voice He's surprised by her presence, but then realizes that she was watching over him all this time. [194] Later, they all head to the Pegasus Village hot springs to relax; where they meet up with Ichiya, who tells them that Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe have joined Blue Pegasus, surprising Elfman. [30], When Erza returns, Elfman instigates another fight between her and Natsu. [112], As the second day of battles commences, Elfman watches from the stands. Shortly after Lucy, Wendy also enters their location alongside Doranbolt; claiming that Face still remains. Julien Chatelet Mirajane Strauss (Older Sister)Lisanna Strauss (Younger Sister)Parents (Deceased)[2] [93], The siblings later arrive at a lake where Elfman picks up the clock part after Lisanna drains the lake only to throw it away. Comme ses sœurs il maîtrise le Take Over, sous la forme du Beast Soul. When Gajeel decides to fight Brain II, Elfman carries Natsu against his will and runs away, since the Fire Dragon Slayer wanted to fight the Dark Guild's leader himself. Counterpart As Bacchus is called out to the field, Elfman — along with many others — are shocked to hear his name called to go up against Quatro Cerberus' S-Class Mage. However, they are then joined by Erza, who just defeated Aria, with Elfman not believing how she managed to fight in such an injured state. [206] However, Elfman and the others determine that to defeat the robots all they have to do is switch opponents, so Elfman takes on the robot facing Mirajane that looks like him and easily defeats it. [80], After Natsu defeats Hades, Elfman comes along with other injured Fairy Tail Mages, scaring off the remaining Grimoire Heart Mages who were going to attack Natsu and the others. He, along with the other returning members, returns to Fairy Tail and is welcomed back by Romeo. [195], After Elfman and the B-team raucously burst into Blue Pegasus and successfully retrieve Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe, they take Ichiya's Christina[196] and fly towards Natsu's and the others location. Erufuman After Natsu loses quickly, he falls asleep with the rest of the guild (except Makarov) due to Mystogan's arrival. Pour les protéger lors d'une dangereuse mission en l'an X782, il a tenté un Take Over intégral dont il a perdu le contrôle. Elfman then sees Evergreen, who apparently wants to partner with him because Freed Justine chose Bickslow and not her.[62]. Anime Debut [88], When Lucy turns invisible, she heads to the guild for help, but instead she causes Elfman and the other guild members to fight amongst each other. However, because of this, he gets attacked by Evergreen and crashes into a flower stand. Personal Status [3], Post-TrainingPost-Training | Pre-TrainingPre-Training. [44], At the Harvest Festival's "Miss Fairy Tail Contest", Elfman watches his sister transform her head into Gajeel's, and is shocked by her performance. Chapitre 002 However, the two arrive to find the man already dead. Makarov soon settles everybody by telling them to calm down and wait to hear what happens. Magic Battle Hammer Take Over - Beast Soul Active [263], Enhanced Endurance: Elfman has been noted to possess a very large amount of stamina: while clad in his Lizardman form, he was shown able to undergo a long and exhausting barrage of unarmed blows from Bacchus, a S-Class Mage from the Quatro Cerberus guild specializing in hand-to-hand combat, whose strength is said to rival Erza Scarlet's, and remain the only one standing afterwards. [204] However, the calamity is soon ended as Bisca manages to locate and save Erza from Ajeel, after which Erza attacks her foe with Nakagami Starlight.


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