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But contrary to rumors from time to time that it would be sold, Porsche has remained the only major independent sports-car maker in the world. Consequently, we at StuttgartDNA™ urge each and every one of you to support Porsche AG in its quest to remain independent and prosperous so that Prof. Porsche’s principles, concepts and ideals can thrive and continue to live on in perpetuity as we know them today. © 2011-2020 StuttgartDNA.com. This is the first petroleum-electric hybrid vehicle on record. 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In 1996, Porsche was inducted into the International Motorsports Hall of Fame and in 1999 posthumously won the award of Car Engineer of the Century. Volkswagen, under Ferdinand Porsche, profited from forced labour. As would also be the case some three decades later for Porsche rennsport, Mr. Porsche’s mastery of automotive engineering was confirmed by the superiority demonstrated on the racetrack time and again by cars he had designed. The factory in Stuttgart began producing 356s of steel with a central-tube chassis instead of the much more costly aluminum bodies originally produced in Gmünd. In 1932, Auto Union Gmbh was formed, consisting of struggling auto manufacturers Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. The greatest German sporting car in automotive history was designed and built by a genius who wasn't even born in Germany. In April 1931, Porsche returned to Stuttgart and founded his consulting firm Dr. Ing. Mr. Wiedeking hired Japanese consultants to rip apart and refashion a company that was supposed to be the paradigm of German manufacturing excellence. It had a kill ratio of nearly 10:1, but as with most German wartime vehicles, lack of supplies made maintenance a serious problem, reducing the effectiveness of the vehicles, and forcing crews to destroy many otherwise operational vehicles. Examination of the wreckage, he said, bore out his insistence that the crash had been caused by the collapse of a tire wheel. The deplorable conditions in which the French Regime held Prof. Porsche captive directly led to his irreparable ill health until the day of his last breath. Louise and Ferry each had four children, and for business as well as emotional reasons, they were determined to create a close-knit clan. So I was the only one able to describe accurately just what had happened to the car.'' A site near Fallersleben ominously dubbed by the Third Reich as Stadt des Kraft durch Freude-Wagens (City of the People’s Cars Built by Strength Through Joy) was chosen to erect the factory where the first production Volkswagens were to be built. [34] The Volkswagen plant was completed in 1938 after Italian labour was brought in. The notion of creating a new, expensive sports car in a country left impoverished by war seemed irrational from a business point of view. The outsiders he brought in to run the company have achieved a mixed record over the last couple of decades. “I would have built it exactly the same, right down to the last screw.” —Ferdinand Porsche German automotive engineer [5][6] Ferdinand was his parents' third child. The other 50 percent went to his older sister, Louise, whose husband, Mr. Piech, the chairman of Volkswagen, died in 1954. He was recruited to Chief Designer by Austro-Daimler, where he was promoted to Managing Director in 1916. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! [2], Following protests from local World War II survivors that Porsche's Czech birthplace Vratislavice nad Nisou was promoting Nazism by displaying signs commemorating its native son, in 2013 the town authorities removed the signs and changed the content of a local exhibition so that it would cover not only his automotive achievements, but also his Nazi party and SS membership, and the importance of his work for the Nazi war cause. In addition to its work with Cisitalia, the company also started work on a new design, the Porsche 356, the first car to carry the Porsche brand name. In the meantime, though, the Type 32 design’s development continued, evolving into the Typ 60, which was set for production once the factory was finished. In the aftermath of World War II, Ferry Porsche decided to defy conventional wisdom and build a luxury sports car in a nation so prostrated that its inhabitants could barely afford motorcycles. As Chancellor eight years later, Hitler decreed that the German auto industry should help make the superiority of Nazism manifest by designing the fastest race cars in the world. [21] By 1938, Porsche was using the SS as security members and drivers at his factory, and later set up a special unit called SS Sturmwerk Volkswagen. At the time, this lingering loss of income and the bitter prospect that there was no end in sight must have felt like utter defeat to Prof. Porsche, as it would to any one of us. A new tide of Japanese sports cars, nearly on a technological par with Porsches but far less expensive, took over much of the market. But Mr. Porsche lived just long enough to see his business regain financial health. Three 60K10 cars were built in 1939 for the purpose of participating in a race from Berlin to Rome, but the outbreak of WWII precluded the competition. For short, it was known as the Porsche Engineering Office. A short, stocky man, Ferry Porsche was invariably described by associates as soft spoken and humble. '', Like so many German industrialists, Ferry Porsche disclaimed moral responsibility for the uglier aspects of his involvement with the Third Reich. The year, 1900. [10][11], In 1898, Porsche joined the Vienna-based factory Jakob Lohner & Company, which produced coaches for Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria as well as for the monarchs of the UK, Sweden, and Romania. "™ StuttgartDNA.com is not affiliated with Porsche® AG nor with the Porsche Club of America® (PCA). But sibling rivalry flared among the third generation of Porsches. Mr. Porsche is survived by his sister and by his four children, all of whom live in Austria: Butzi, who after being edged out of the car company, began his own successful consumer products design company, called Porsche Design; Peter, who was also forced out of the company and then became a partner in Butzi's firm; Wolfgang Heinz, another Porsche exile, who became the largest importer of motorcycles in Austria, and Gerhard Anton, who is a farmer. The most common reason for losses was because the vehicle became stuck or broke down, and so the crews often had to destroy their own vehicles to avoid allowing them to be captured. All Porsches have a direct evolutionary bloodline and DNA heritage back to Porsche No. 1 was born, the first car to ever bear the sole name of Porsche, in May of 1948. Mr. Porsche, known as Ferry, and his father, also named Ferdinand, were symbols of the ambitious breed of German industrialists who thrived under the Nazis and then rose phoenix-like from the ashes of wartime defeat.


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