ferrari 288 gto evoluzione value
Sie sehen einen Rennwagen, der nie ein Rennen fuhr. Ein klein wenig Geduld bitte. Refer to any pop-culture tidbits about the vehicle in this section. Warranty options and scheduled maintainence information should be mentioned here. Ferrari was left with 272 units of the car, all of which were then sold as street cars. The 288 GTO’s styling, too, was derivative: the design theme first appeared in 1977 on the famous Pininfarina-designed 308 GTB. Ferrari 288 GTO (1984 - 1986) At Classic Driver, we offer a worldwide selection of Ferrari 288 GTOs for sale. Doch es ist nicht nur die bloße Menge an Kraft, die einem beim Beschleunigen des 288 GTO Evoluzione den Eindruck gibt, als sei man eben getreten worden. Ich erinnere, wie mein damaliger Fahrer sagte: „Dies Auto geht so wie die Artillerie. Voila! Ich erinnere einen Tag am alten Ring, als ich selbst erleben konnte, wie ein Gruppe-B-Rennwagen an einem Ferrari F50 nur so vorbei donnerte. We revisit the sublime sports car that made the Testarossa seem tame. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Though there were very strict regulations governing displacement, there were none governing boost, and the twin-turbo setup in the GTO pushed power to 400 horsepower. Though the ignominious timing of Group B’s demise destroyed any hope that the 288 would become a racing legend, the car had all the makings of one. The GTO was never built for top speed, and its massive technological accomplishments therefore didn't receive as much attention. Boldface the company or orgainization that gives out the award, and Italicize the name of the award. Damit wird deutlich, dass die Entwicklung des überstarken Gruppe-B-Ferrari seine Berechtigung hatte. Create links to other <959> pages in this section. Much of the mechanicals on the GTO came from F1. These included the electronic fuel injection and ignition system, the twin-plate clutch, the dry-sump lubrication, and to state the obvious, the turbo setup itself. This is really a shame, because the 959 and the F40 weren't as big an evolutionary leap from the GTO as it was from the other turbo cars of the day. Hence, the transmission also had to be moved behind the engine; the rear wheels and differential were located behind the engine. It was built as a class B race car but was never raced due to two cars being in the series. Viel Power, viel Drehzahl. Enzo himself signed off on a project to turn the Evo into the first road-legal supercar to crack 200mph. Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione. Weder noch. 60 MPH arrived in the 4 second range; its 189 MPH top speed made it the first roadgoing car in history to break the 300 KPH (186 MPH) top speed mark. Mit der Nutzung unserer Dienste erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden. Use the filters to narrow down your selection based on price, year and mileage – to help find your dream Ferrari 288 GTO. Klar, aerodynamisch gestylt aber wenig innovativ. Much like the Porsche 930, the 288 GTO took racecar technology and adapted it for road use, it just did so with newer technology. Vermutlich existieren noch alle Fahrzeuge, verteilt auf einige Sammlungen weltweit. In an interesting example of how “hand-made” these cars were, external dimensions weren’t initially released — they would vary slightly from car to car. The 959 didn't sell a whole lot more units than the GTO, but Ferrari would sell about six times the number of F40 units as they had sold of the GTO. However, there's a world of difference between the ferocious 288 GTO and nice-but-slower 1975-85 308 and near-identical 1986-89 328. Die Gruppe B Rallye wurde abgesägt und abgesagt. This article is a stub. Die Karosse ist aus Carbon gefertigt und über die Konstruktion gestreift. To fit under the hood with twin-turbochargers and intercoolers, the GTO’s engine was mounted longitudinally (parallel to the length of the car). The regular 288 GTO which it was based on has 277 built, and they are worth roughly $2,100,000 each. Also, mention if the goes by another name in these other markets. Featured in Auto Italia - very rare opportunity. Five of a special racing version, called the 288 GTO Evoluzione, were also built and boasted up to 650 hp and a significant drop in weight (around 500 pounds) from the standard GTO — resulting in a top speed of 225 MPH. Please make sure not to use copyrighted photos. The 288 GTO was still an absolutely amazing car, one so good that even Ferrari, who typically hate forced induction, put what they learned from it into its next road-going supercar. The Porsche 959 would appear in 1986 and the Ferrari F40 in 1987, so the 288 GTO's moment in the spotlight was short-lived. So popularity had a little to do with it, but the reason we remember the other cars probably has to do with Guinness. The first street car with twin turbos, the Maserati Biturbo, had debuted just a few years earlier in 1981. Wenn die beiden Zwangsbeatmer loslegen, kann es einem schlicht aus der Bahn hauen. All five are still owned by Ferrari and are on display in its engine plant in Maranello.


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