galen rupp training week
I don't have much of any input on this, but wanted to share what I saw yesterday at the Michael Johnson Track on the Nike Campus while Galen Rupp was working out under the watchful eye of Alberto Salazar. Galen Rupp has a very high back-kick. It was not the silver medal that he won that caught my eye but that final dash he pulled to storm past the Kenyans and Ethiopians. He hired Northern Arizona coach Mike Smith to oversee his training. A nice piece of work. Now, he leans forward (but not too far forward), letting his feet drop under him or close to his center of mass –doing so ceases forward leg extension, thereby freeing up more time to deliver a higher back-kick. Galen Rupp continued his long and impressive career Saturday night in Boston with a training session of 5 x 1 mile in 4:21, 4:20, 4:20, 4:16, and 4:01. Before training under Salazar, Rupp ran with an upright-trunk. At long last, Galen Rupp is within reach of the mountain top Galen Rupp clocked the fastest 10,000 run in the world last year. Edit: the video above is based on a core routine shared by Mo Farah since he left Nike’s Oregon Project. No description provided. In response to posting a recent video of Alberto Salazar describing his philosophy on strength and stability training for runners (video sadly no longer available), some readers have asked for more specific details about the exercises shown, including sets and reps. In the final WOW of Season 4 and the 2010 Track & Field season we connect with I was impressed by performance of Galen Rupp at 2012 London Olympics. Galen Rupp Training Tips & Secret. The workout was 24 miles with the last mile fast, and it was…


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