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Below is a quote from Alice about this topic, followed by responses from NS, MB, and DD. Occasionally, Dennis visited him and they jammed together like in the good old days. They wanted a band record, but we were going to take a year off and get back together, but Alice reneged on the deal. Buxton was born November 10, 1947 at Akron, Ohio, the son of Thomas J. and Geraldine E. Carlson Buxton. (Alice was still stating the “theatrics” theory as late as 2008). }), 19/10/2020 ), A VIEW OF THE BAND’S CONCLUSION FROM NEAL SMITH, A 2010 interview of Neal Smith by a publication called The Gauntlet format: (count) => { The Billion Dollar Babies Tour, landing in 27 countries, marks the height of their fame. Pour être informé des derniers articles, inscrivez vous : Rolling Stones Stories - Revue de Presse - Biographies - Discographie © 2016 -  The title "I'm Eighteen" whose main riff was composed by Glen pushed them on to the American airwaves. Pink Floyd fired Syd Barrett when he became dysfunctional and hired David Gilmour, and that’s what we should have done. Il est crédité en tant que guitariste principal sur sept albums d', Le groupe a cherché d'autres guitaristes pour le remplacer, y compris Dick Wagner et son collègue Steve Hunter, qui avaient auparavant joués avec Lou Reed sur les albums Berlin, Rock 'n' Roll Animal et Lou Reed Live et que l'on retrouveraient éventuellement sur le premier album solo de Peter Gabriel. Reviews, news articles, print media, Creem, The End of the Band – Part 2 – Glen’s Role, The End of the Band – Part 3 – OTHER STUFF, 1968 – GTOs, Cheetah, Managers, Zappa, Doors, etc, 1972 (A) – School’s Out (January – June), 1972 (B) – School’s Out (July – December),, Michael and I had no problem making our parts mesh, and that left room for Glen to do his thing. So…if you disagree, that is fine. Mashbir: I think that the band was no longer the band Glen had started. Why he ended up messing up his life with drugs and alcohol, is beyond my understanding. On Billion Dollar Babies there were lots of things he was not able to play and had to be played by others, like [session and touring guitarists] Mick Mashbir and Steve Hunter. He not only played rockbut he lived for it. But the enthusiasm was not there and they ended up spending a lot more time chatting together rather than playing. How much? Whatever reason he had for not coming back… You see Warner Bros. was suing us. Interesting comment, IMO. At the time of the split, I am sure there had been talk of cutting back on elaborate stage theatrics, perhaps even before the Billion Dollar Baby tour. He didn’t come back. En 2011, il a été intronisé à titre posthume au Rock and Roll Hall of Fame en tant que membre du groupe Alice Cooper. In 1968, to avoid legal entanglements with the Todd Rundgren-led Nazz, Buxton’s band changed their name to Alice Cooper. link to purchase on the bottom of interview The Kilt making an early appearance….. Jack Lue photo available for purchase, the REAL SPAGHETTI INCIDENT photo shoot October of 85 The GNR guys being inducted at the Hall of Fame, Green Day to the left. The Alice Cooper Group however had become the caricature of what it fought originally. : "%c" Il est crédité en tant que guitariste principal sur sept albums d'Alice Cooper, y compris Billion Dollar Babies. Thus the highs and lows mentioned by his bandmates? In 1990, he decided to join his friend John Stevenson on his farm in Iowa to give him a hand. Né à Akron, Ohio, Buxton s'installe à Phoenix, en Arizona et en 1964, tout en fréquentant LA Cortez High School, IL fait ses débuts dans un groupe rock appelé "The Earwigs". He walked in with that, and that started the whole ball rolling. return string.replace("%c", count) They had it in their mind to pare down and do something simpler. He only felt comfortable when he was getting away with something. These two guys were not athletes- they … I don’t know….and I doubt anyone can give you a 100% positive answer on why things turned out the way they did for GB. - Tom and Jerry Buxton (from Phoenix & GB book). A real bond soon united the younger siblings. He could, from one day to the next, restrain himself for long periods of time without feeling the craving. Originally Published 2008. Was there a sense it wasn’t working anymore? 19/10/2020 : "%c" So, Glen stepped out to enjoy peaceful days at his house in Greenwich, CT with his girlfriend of the time, Suzie Aarons. Ultimately, I think the band destroyed itself because it couldn’t bring itself to kick Glen out. In America, this was the time when a wave of English groups arrived. He’d have moments of great lucidity and ability and then periods where he just wasn’t useful. Bruce: Mick and Bob broadened our horizon, but in hindsight it probably contributed to Glen’s downhill momentum, because now he didn’t have to hold up the sound of the band. We had just been through a publishing lawsuit with Frank Zappa and the attorney’s made tons of money and I wasn’t about to do that again. I didn’t want to do that. They became the stars of their school and made the headline of their own magazine. Disclaimer: Except for the quoted interviews by band members, what is written above are just my thoughts and opinions. Phoenix: April, 2019, Dennis Dunaway Interview 2010/2015 & And a Tall Tale, Glen and the NY Punk Scene/Steel Notes Magazine article. Read Dennis’ or Alice’s or Michael’s books (maybe Neal’s someday) and go with their views….they know best. After a successful theatrical run, the great new Alice Cooper documentary “Super Duper Alice Cooper” has been released on DVD and Blu-Ray with a ton of bonus footage and extras. C'est tellement bizarre, mais c'est accrocheur. const string = count === 0 "Actually, we did have a guitar player, who really played while we mimicked. But I won't give you a complete account of the saga that saw the young Earwigs morph into the Alice Cooper Group, or even how and for what reasons Michael Bruce and Neal Smith join them to replace John Speer and John Tatum, or how the name Alice Cooper was found, etc, etc... Let's just jump in time and stop eight years later, in 1972. Glen played his own parts, and we shared solos on “Billion Dollar Babies” and “Eighteen” with Michael Bruce. (Bob), Guitar World Magazine. After ten years, we got pretty dry together.” Manager Gordon added, “What had started in a sense as a pipe-dream became an overwhelming burden”. : count === 1 Tout au long de la fin des années 1970 et 1980, Buxton a maintenu un profil bas, en jouant seulement des concerts occasionnels avec des groupes comme "Shrapnel" et "Virgin". Alice Cooper director Reg Harkema : “I cannot honestly think of a band that symbolizes the cultural shift from the 60s to 70s better than Alice Cooper “ June 25, 2014 | By John Parks | 3 Replies More. Since Dennis was the driving force […], I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing many artists who have worked with Alice Cooper over the years but never a member of the original Hall of Fame group. In 1985, he even went back on stage for a few concerts with a band originating from Phoenix. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good and interesting view of Glen Buxton. Glen was the photographe rand I had my own collumn, called 'Get Out Of My Hair,' which I wrote under the pen name Muscles McNazal. These stories that have no basis in reality have been told about us so much and so often that it’s taken or believed to be truth when it’s SO far from the truth. Buxton est enterré dans le cimetière Evergreen à Clarion, Iowa. - Janice Buxton (from e-mail dated 04-19-2007). This kid, named Glen Buxton, dressed like the biggest juvenile delinquent in the school. There’s been so much bullshit he’s said over the years and he’s ‘my brother’, but I won’t make stories up to cover my ass. Bluntly…could he not keep up, at least in his own mind, musically? Grande Ballroom? His sister Janice came to spend the whole of the summer 1976 at his house, going along with him on his favourite outing: auctions. The idea was to write a song that affected every adolescent- what is better than the happiness felt at the sound of a bell ringing to announce the end of school? Hébergé par, Glen Edward Buxton (10 novembre 1947 - 19 octobre 1997) était un musicien américain et guitariste du groupe original, Né à Akron, Ohio, Buxton s'installe à Phoenix, en Arizona et en 1964, tout en fréquentant LA Cortez High School, IL fait ses débuts dans un groupe rock appelé "The Earwigs". id: 104466672, They performed last that night, in 12th position but amazingly, they finish second on the podium! En 2003, Rolling Stone a classé Buxton numéro 90 sur sa liste des 100 meilleurs guitaristes de tous les temps. This kid, named Glen Buxton, dressed like the biggest juvenile delinquent in the school. That wasn’t the truth at all. There is also a slightly different take from Alice, at the very end. "0" Smith: Nobody wanted to give Glen the ax. Always in the same spirit, the group is short-lived because an important event soon brings shambles into Glen's tranquil life. It was part of a long interview of Alice and this is what he stated when asked about the original bands break up. His escape in alcohol wasn't the cause for that but its unhappy consequence. Dans les années 1990, Buxton a vécu à Clarion Iowa, avec des artistes locaux. That riff made it happen." - Dennis Dunaway (from e-mail dated April 2007). If you wanted Glen to play a great part, you would say, “Glen, would you like a blue light or a red light?” You know, it was mood: all mood. In 2003, Rolling Stone ranked Buxton number 90 on its list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.In 2011, he was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Alice Cooper band. He had to do it his way or drive you crazy. We were always interested in whatever he was doing. Il est le seul à avoir pu jouer avec Syd Barrett, en dehors des musiciens de Pink Floyd eux-mêmes.» Dans une interview intime, Cooper a déclaré: «Glen n'était pas un compositeur, il écrivait des riffs, ils apparaissaient sur l'album, et même de grands guitaristes disaient: Quelle est cette ligne?


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