holden hurricane kit car for sale
Shop plastic and resin curbside car model kits in 1/25 scale including Holden, Ford, Corvette, Mustang, Chevy etc. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. To ensure a perfectly smooth body surface, the elegant black side-stripes are incorporated into the paintwork. It’s fair to say that every older Aussie enthusiast will remember the stir this car caused around the country, with its hydraulic canopy, early form of GPS, digital instruments, rear view camera, climate-control air-conditioning and Holden’s new V8 mid-mounted, all wrapped up in a sensuous pearl orange metal flake fibreglass body standing just 39″ (990mm) high! They've done a great job.". Nobody had seen anything like its radical dart-like profile before. Every time we take on a project I'm constantly amazed by the passion and talent in this company, making it a genuine pleasure to work on these projects. Michael Simcoe, Executive Director GMIO Design, said it was fantastic to see such a significant vehicle restored. With Pruneau opening the doors at GM's Design Archive, I sent a Hurricane-specific request for any information. However, the American scale model only shows conventional door shutlines. After various motor show appearances through 1969 and completion of wind-tunnel testing, the Hurricane was lent to various dealers until the windscreen cracked. Just a note to let you know the model arrived today. "Joe Schemansky told me years ago that Bill Mitchell, who was GM's vice president of design, sent a scale model of a mid-engine sports car to Australia in 1968. Imagine you're attending this year's Melbourne Motor Show and a manufacturer has just unveiled its new sports-car concept. As the one-piece hydraulic roof canopy -- with its massive wrap-around Plexiglas pillarless windshield, without wipers -- opens, it simultaneously electrically raises the fixed seats. To do justice to the original, the Hurricane always had to be a fully functioning concept. Weird as it may seem for a car styled just 44 years ago, nobody was sure if the Hurricane was penned in Australia by Holden's local designers working with their American colleagues on assignment to Australia, or was drawn in GM's Warren design center. By exploring technologies now taken for granted, surely this car, better than most, answers the question: Why are concept cars of value to car makers? The car was in very poor condition and a lot of parts were missing, including many of the features that made the car so unique. Unveiled to shocked crowds at the 1969 Melbourne Motor Show, the Hurricane showcased some really futuristic features, some of which are no less impressive today. But then, when we were designing the first Corvair (Chevrolet's air-cooled, rear-engine rival for the Falcon) in 1957 or 1958, we were told by management that it was a Holden for Australia. Unbelievably, the mind-blowing result is his first attempt at metal-flake, but still the subject of some debate. "Don thought the model was 'very rough,' and made significant modifications to the appearance.". Holden itself was not yet 21 years old, but even so, its first concept car beat the comparably shaped Mercedes-Benz C111 by six months and the Lancia Stratos Zero by more than a year.


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