how to use fotor
hi Janice, have a great week! I hope you agree with me this is more vibrant than the original. ), Hi Leanne, Let us know what you think of the app since I didn’t mention it in my article. Enter Fotor. You can use Fotor on your iPhone or Android device. Drag the sticker over the picture choosing the area you want to display in the background. Janice, Thank you for showing us fotos. Fotor is a free online picture editor and graphic designer, allowing you to use online photo editing tools, such as add filters, frames, text, stickers and effects…and apply design tools to make creative photo designs and graphics. I chose “Pinterest Graphic Short”. Go to stickers. Try it and let me know what you think. Janice. That is an app I use. 1. Who knows? Required fields are marked *. At a linky party or Pinterest, you want your graphic to stand out. Open Resize by clicking on it and click the Lock icon. Compare this to the original photo. Do you think you might try Fotor? If you like filters, there are exciting choices that come with the free version. I was hoping by making the colors brighter, the graphic would get noticed at a linky party. I liked what I saw, so I saved my graphic to the desktop and uploaded it to my post. Your selection is applied automatically. Janice, Your email address will not be published. Step 13: The effect tools are important if you prefer Instagram-like filters. Do you have a blog graphic you need to work on? The colors on the right look more neon now, definitely more noticeable at Pinterest or a linky party. I moved the text box with my blog’s name since it was too high. The “Crop” tool was available to me. After signing in, all of your uploaded photos will be stored in Fotor Cloud. Love the double exposure one Janice. Any feature marked with a diamond is for premium accounts. I found an old photo of purple flowers. Step 10: I clicked “Colors,” and I increased the temperature to 77. 6. ©Janice Wald and Mostly Blogging 2020. The photo did become more Vintage-looking, but the colors are definitely brighter. After, you can apply filters like you would to any photo. I was using Canva as I had heard lots about it & I’m new to Fotor & hopefully, it would be also one of the best Banner Making online tools. This is the photo I brought in. A paid version is available to you that contains more features and is ad-free. You can use Fotor to make a Facebook cover, an Instagram post, or a collage. Designed and built by Phillip Dews. Fotor is a great app no doubt that make my work so easy i also use Photoviewerpro. Maybe it would look like the video camera was in the flowers or like the video camera was filming the flowers. Fotor users can now store all your images on the Fotor Cloud and, once you are logged into your Fotor account, you can access your photos from any computer .. After signing in, all of your uploaded photos will be stored in Fotor Cloud.. 1. Find a photo you want to design into a graphic. What is Fotor Cloud and how to use Fotor Cloud. Janice. But in Design, you can only use … As you see, I used different colors and font styles depending on the importance of the word. As you saw, when I used it, my creativity knew no bounds. In closing, this tutorial only scratched the surface of all you can do with Fotor. 2. Edit your photo, click Snapshot and your edited photos are automatically saved to yourFotor Cloud. Therefore, this post will only deal with the “editing” and “design” functions of Fotor. Step 12: I started playing with the Curves tool. I never heard of this before. In Edit and Collage, Fotor “Texts” mode will load your computer’s fonts. I then modified the video camera, that was now in the background, by turning the “Transparency” up to 40%. All I had to do was place my photo and change the text. Thanks for your tutorial. I had the most fun with the Double Exposure function. Thank you Janice! How to use Collage? Hi Jacqueline, Do you believe is the only game in town when it comes to photo-editing and graphic design programs? I brought in the solid square, made it white, changed the size, and added text. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Once done editing, click Save and return or Return and the Collage screen will be restored. Thank you for writing me. You have many choices of templates to use. First, please share, so others know about Fotor and its capabilities. Would you like more free blogging tools? Collage: Create collages. Thank you for commenting. 1. I turned up both the saturation and the contrast. I wanted to show off Fotor’s capacity to make a double exposure image. Step 1: Open Fotor, on the main interface of the program, there are 3 main functions for you to choose: Edit: Edit photos. I used two font styles, changed the sizes, and made the important word red. Maybe I should check that one out is it snap seed? Choose any one of the three images, you will be taken to Edit module, where you can perform edits on each image. Edit your photo, click Snapshot and your edited photos are automatically saved to yourFotor Cloud. Under Design, select an image from your Fotor Cloud and add it to your Design. Thank you for commenting. That way, I know it will be the right size for both Twitter and Pinterest where I like to promote my posts. Fotor offers many font selections and allows you to preview the choices before you select them. Step 11: I increased the tint to 28. Also, I feel the area that says “Love” at the bottom became much warmer. Janice. use fotor for free Fotor free is a web-based image editor that offers you most of the functions you can find in Adobe Lightroom packed in a convenient UI and without an expensive subscription. The photo became brighter which I preferred. Downloading the app now , Hi Stephanie, It’s about a month old now. It makes the graphics look beautiful, I agree, John. Remember my goal– to have my graphic stand out at Pinterest and at linky parties. More Photo Editing Options. Under Edit click Open and upload a photo. Much appreciated. I previously straightened it using my Snapseed app. Let’s find out. I went to “Tilt Shift” and blurred the background. I never had heard about this before. Therefore, this post will only deal with the “editing” and “design” functions of Fotor. You put a lot of time into your post as always. I wanted my camera to look buried in the grass. I like your blog name. I chose the photo since I liked the aqua around the clock.


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