igbo vs yoruba physical difference between
Yemi, it’s somehow insulting for you to think that this is about your tribe and for you to defend only your tribe. Pls bear with them all, it’s just pure evidence of the kind of education they”ve been exposed to. I m dating a Yoruba girl (who I will likely marry), to me, no Igbo girl is more suiting! Why didn’t you complain about the insults the Igbo tribe received? hmm with all dis anger nd agressiveness 4rm yoruba pple,it shows dat dey are nt wise despite all d skul dy attended.As 4 me it jst funny 2 say igbos lack manner or eat human beings cos it all a big lie nd those saying d yorubas are nt dirty,sori cos d truth hurts. A Yoruba wedding can take days, and the emphasis is on grandeur and flash. Of course, the contrived ethnic dissonance achieved its purpose. Satire : the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc. Let’s start our list cultural similarities in Nigeria with languages. Seriously though all the people that are attacking this post need to take a chill pill and calm down. also with the layout on your weblog. If I stumbled on this blog in 2012 when it was written Maybe my thoughs could have been trbalistic but now I love an igbo lady whom i wouldnt have wished for anyone else. Of course, there are differences in cultures and worldviews between different tribes and ethnic groups, but the country increasingly feels the need to unite and intercultural exchanges have contributed to this process. It is not about TODAY but TOMORROW. To me u av no business in blogging! Everything roots from the family unit and this can’t be ignored. So what about the eating human beings? Chai Vera, it’s so obvious that you”ve got quite a number of unsophisticated readers. Carry go! In most cases the families are large, but there is always a close bond between the children and their mothers. They measure their wealth by the number of cattle. Suddenly it was remembered that, during the 1950s, Chief Awolowo had cheated Dr. Azikiwe of the West Regional premiership by playing the ethnic card. Despite the cultural diversity, Nigerians are appreciate the beauty of each others culture. Before then, aside from my early years in the uk I lived in Lagos where most people around me were Yoruba. I see this post was written almost 2 yrs ago. Bless you my sister o jare. You know, I have been seeing a lot of Igbo-Yoruba unions lately, or maybe I’m only noticing them now because I have been paying more attention. To read more of this article – send your request to: seye4God@yahoo.com and it will be forwarded to you free of charge. or go to my website, ayoolaadesoye.com, but vera after everything still listed why the marriage should go on among the two tribe. Lucky me. The reason the EGBA (IGBO) people speak yoruba today is because they had lost a war to a yoruba queen(Remi I believe). U can’t come on here and dish pple out and their cultures. You want to appear posh and wadh yourself away from the igbo stench. Download Vanguard News App. It is the language of ethnically mixed areas in cities. The allegiance to true fiscal federalism, a central plank of the Yoruba profession of a continued corporate Nigeria, has all but been deliberately diminished. Of, relating to, or characterized by satire. There are three major ethnic groups Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa/Fulani. See also Yoruba religion Ifa history and interesting facts. We will always have a reason to cause separation and segregation. It was not the Igbo that killed Ken Saro-Wiwa. Na wa for my people o. lmao… Vera i love you !! But the re-spelling exercise was used to manufacture an entirely new ethnic group. I was on this post for over 2 hours. Which creative school did you go to, please? It is not about tribe but TRINITY (God, Husband and Wife). Glad you liked it. For example, there are similarities between the Fulani tribe of Nigeria, Hamar Tribe of Ethiopia, and Massai Tribe of Kenya. Loooooooool!! }, Ehn ekwa….people just like to have bad attitude and show themselves ….mtuuuuueeeewww…, Bia vera, no mind them jare…just continue to sing “some people jealous me, because of my awesome blog (awesomeness, which ever makes you feel good jor)’. Our children are proud to be perfect blend of Nigerian Igbo and Slovakian cultures. In reality some of your reason are not far from the truth about this two leading tribes. Further, they appropriated 99 percent of the oil blocs. Fulanis perform cane whipping ceremony as the part of the marriage ceremony. Vera, I would ve loved 2 ignore u coz I c u suffer 4rm ‘megalomania’ , an incurable disease, bt 4 d sake of ‘what must be’ I chose to reply. But geophysicssince proved that the entire Igbo country sits on oil, and holds in its bowels the largest concentration of gas on the Africa continent. “What is the basis of all this hate?” Mr. Aribisala asks.”In the sixties, the Igbo were slaughtered in pogroms in the North. Hahaha. And I guess their dislike and distrust of one another just makes them ever more interesting. Igbo girls are too manly with masculine features, smelly bleached skin and too hairy. It was not the Igbo that killed Major Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro. They are FOOLS.. Where do I begin, nne? The straightforward answer is that it serves the interest of the “core” North to keep the South permanently in mutually assured destructive contention on largely immaterial issues. I don't recognize my cou, Here she is in her school uniform, my birthday gir, Happy birthday to my first born child, Ada Verasti, I can't keep calm!!!! READ ALSO: Historical origin of Fulani tribe. I can see you are jealous of your yoruba friends you want to be like them. Hmm; can one then infer and conclude that the Igbo people have a better sense of humour or are more educated or more patient when reading and hold their tongue before jumping into conclusions like the Yorubas or; ( before Shola and Akara curse me and my ancestors past and present let me bean equal opportunities bloke). A lot of Nigerians have names with elaborate meanings in their tribal language. Just last month, it was 98.8%. It shows a desperate igbo girl that wants to be like all her posh yoruba girls. This write-up was posted on several Nigerian sites, and it was written in my usual style: drenched […], […] A year ago, I put up a post about the top 12 reasons why Igbos and Yorubas should not marry. the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to see a great blog like this one nowadays. Appreciate the comment. In these tribes, a father considers as a main member of the family. Marriage is a good thing. We see more cases of cultural integration between tribes, for example, Hausa and Fulani interact quite often and today they sometimes considered as one tribe. Igbo family give more freedom to the child to decide his or her own destiny. And did you also see the list she made for the igbos? Just stumbled on your blog. Yemi, she meant what the two ethnic groups say about each other, not that she believes these things. … “ The within-population component of genetic variation accounts for most of the diversity in the sample.” Previous studies had similarly found such differences that existed within ethnic populations, rather than between … It should be said that family life considers is considered a foundation of the culture in Yoruba and Igbo ethnic groups. There are three major ethnic groups Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa/Fulani. It’s really, really sad that some people – in spite of all their education – are not familiar with the simple concept of sarcasm. Blogging is not joke… If u wanna crack jokes… Go to nite of thousand laugh and crack your shii! Happy Independence Day to you, too. This your comment feels like it deserves a post of its own sef. hmm with all dis anger nd agressiveness 4rm yoruba pple,it shows dat dey are nt wise despite all d skul dy attended.As 4 it jst funny 2 say igbos lack manner or eat human beings cos it all a big lie nd does saying d yorubas are nt dirty,sori cos d truth hurts. And some whites think the same thing about us blacks, dem call us smelly niggers. You guys hv reached the limit to ur thinking. There is a lot to say about the rich culture of the country, every nation and tribe has its own features. please most of us here hardly date a yoruba woman becuase their mind set lack trust with us. IzzieMedula is a crazy girl. You become like Napoleon in animal farm overthrowing the farmers and becoming a worse despot. I’ve never been so entertained by a blog. U see as u dey put ur people down just as the white man dey put us down. Many are unaware that the EGBA (who speak yoruba today) people of southwestern Nigeria are actually Igbos. Very, very interesting. And just so you know, there is nothing intellectual about you, your words, and the presentation of your mentality. I can post this comment to help you find a well trained Igbo girl. I’d like to enroll there, too. Is this It’s like, people just read the part they want to read and then jump to conclusions, not even taking a second to ponder about what they just read. But the language that is used as a means of the communication between groups is the English language. A sister is still laughing…. You? Hussler, thank you soooooooooooooo much. Racism and tribalism are form of mental sickness. And, generally obfuscating every space for rational thinking and committed leadership, is the conundrum of trial by media. Education is valued among these ethic groups. One year later, the post is still getting comments from all kinds of people. And no, I absolutely do not support the view that the two tribes should not marry. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. It’s always refreshing to read comments like yours. Yet, there is a redeeming feature in this morass of crassness – the very fact that everything goes and turns round. Today, most of the tribes interact peacefully with each other in the aspect of business. It is not about I but WE. Have you even read the other comments? The culture of Nigeria is ancient and beautiful, with more than 250 ethnic groups, that have different cultures and history. Kiky, people like Sola just read what they want to read and comment anyhow they like without using their heads. When you are thirsty; someone should take good care of you and use her hands to rub your chest. Around 50% of Nigerians are Muslims and 40% of people are Christians. Cultural similarities and differences in Nigeria. You so witty. U are an amazing, and interesting writer joor! Yoruba tribe, are wealthy, educated sophisticated and highly learned and cultured. Thank you so much for reading (and understanding) . You are probably noticing it more now that you’re paying attention. I enjoyed reading non the less, and You are as such a good blogger. Those who have been setting the national clock back by decades confuse themselves by thinking that they are getting one back on the PDP. Nigerian women are beautiful but you wear too much false hair, which makes you not as beautiful as you could be.


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