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Jon Wertheim: I know of a hell of a goodbye gift. We've kinda-- Jessica Seinfeld: Switched roles. He'll have to wait to sit in the stands with a hot dog, just as his fans will have to wait until the pandemic is over to watch Jerry Seinfeld perform in person. The former Texas Tech women's basketball coach, who was fired after reports about the program's alleged culture of abuse, is taking issue with her firing. Kevin Durant: We're not cocky to walk in here and say our trophy is ours, we gotta defend you from it. Jessica Seinfeld: He wasn't one of those dads who wore a front carrier. SI: Two men from this small island, one in his 30s, one in his 40s, now taking on the world. Once he gets loose, he keeps it loose. It was the very first state to have vote by mail. "Oh, look who's here. This park was the site of the 1964 World's Fair, which Seinfeld visited as a boy. And it is always difficult, changing, sometimes unfair, sometimes not right, you know? I didn't like that nobody was rebutting it. Negative comments can be motivating for some people, like a charge of energy. Jon Wertheim: What are you telling him to do? I have encountered many problems, this is true. In 2017, Seinfeld signed an estimated $100 million deal with Netflix to run two comedy specials and a series no streaming service wanted at first. Still does. SI: You’re 33 years old. All my life I admired Carlos. So, that's the fun part. “We were inside the football facility at a time when it was uncertain if there would be college football. The ultimate peak experience of a baseball game is a seat, a hot dog, and a beer. Jerry Seinfeld: The Yiddish language is the greatest gold mine of comedy-- ever. Jessica Seinfeld: Are you wearing your white socks on TV? Everybody wants to beat that every night. They just kicked over the whole anthill. Be cranky and be loud and be funny. Produced by Nathalie Sommer and Vanessa Fica. I cannot say that. Jerry Seinfeld doing stand-up: Waterproof watch that's important. We found Jerry Seinfeld downright upbeat to be out of the house and in front of a camera for the first time since COVID. It’s very satisfying, because at this stage of my career, everybody is still supporting me. And of course, swish. It made me very independent. He was the subject of an internal investigation following inappropriate conduct toward a former player. We're playing the Clippers. "Oh, he's out in the Hamptons writing about New York." The Warriors still have the NBA's longest season ticket waiting list. Chambers, 49, coached Penn State for the past nine seasons. By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. RN: I’m happy playing tennis, and I love competing. Edited by Peter M. Berman. Jon Wertheim: You're not into the elbows? SI: We met for the first time in 2005. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a registered trademark of ABG-SI LLC. It wasn't fun winning 23 games. But what I'm interested in is craft and technique and approach to doing an art. Missed Gov. Many championship teams give their employees rings. And the grind of that not havin' off-season. Steve Kerr's strategy for dealing with the drama: something he calls the fun factor. 1. He played on the Barcelona soccer team for nine years and with the Spanish national team in the World Cup in the U.S., France, Korea and Japan. Jon Wertheim: There's so much talent on this team that you guys sometimes have to sacrifice ego. “I sort of envisioned this as this fun sports feature. Joe Lacob: I'm the Warrior, he's the worrier. But don't do this. 1. The only constant in their 82-game seasons: losing. But now he is much better at this age than I am at this age. But then everything slowed down. To subscribe, click here. Jerry Seinfeld: It was fantastic. Jon Wertheim: You still get emotional talking about this, don't you? So of course, we couldn't resist. The Warriors already pay tens of millions in tax to the league for exceeding the NBA salary cap. Not for me. You hear it all the time: “Nadal hasn’t been changed by fame and celebrity and success.” How does that make you feel to hear that? Now, you know, you end up having to raise yourself in a lot of ways. Jon Wertheim: Does that make it sweeter that you guys didn't start out as this champion-caliber team? Before he renewed his quest, Nadal sat down for a wide-ranging 60 Minutes interview in his home of Mallorca, the Spanish island where he was born, where he lives and where he intends to always reside. In 2003 and ’04, I had some significant injuries. “60 Minutes” begins its 53rd season on Sunday and both Whitaker and Wertheim say being a part of the gold stand of newsmagzine television is like playing in the big leagues. It's tough, you know? Jessica Seinfeld: I think maybe that he misses being on stage. We recently spent a week with the Warriors in this, their last season in Oakland. Jon Wertheim: So, the good news is you paid $450 million for a franchise now valued at three billion. RN: My uncle was an excellent athlete. We stuck around one day after practice to meet those guys, along with veterans Andre Iguodala, who was finishing his Wheaties, and stalwart Shaun Livingston. How would you reframe it better? He's fine. Move the ball on. I wouldn’t criticize the journalist who said that. (LAUGH) It's stupid. Jon Wertheim: Both your parents were orphans? He told us the vibe at Golden State feels similar, to a point. Jon Wertheim: Most likely to keep the bus waiting? I never felt that what I was doing was a sacrifice. Jon Wertheim: Everyone's bringing their A-game when the Warriors come to town. For Sunday’s episode, Whitaker took a trip to Philadelphia to talk with people in Pennsylvania about their mail-in ballot system and the impact of COVID-19 on the 2020 election. Seinfeld speaks with Jon Wertheim about a host of topics, including his new book and what kind of comedy life in a pandemic has inspired. Jerry Seinfeld: I guess this is the way God looks at things. All Rights Reserved. Jerry Seinfeld: That's what just happened to us. Kevin Durant: It's supposed to be that way, especially when you set the standard in the whole league, you know? Absolute, total neglect. And during that fourth quarter our starters are jumping for joy. But it's harder than ever. I never th-- looked at it that way. Lateness notwithstanding, the Warriors' style of play recalls a symphony, emphasizing collective over the individual. It's probably midway through that first season. Jon Wertheim: Are we ok with this? How-- how is he as a teammate? In the Great Tennis G.O.A.T. Oh, my god.". Steve Kerr: And I walk back to the bench and "Good shot, Steph, way to go. That's what a laugh is. It's-- it's a poor substitute. They weren't willing to confirm or deny that Curry is always late. And I was like, "Really, you know, me?". So it goes for that titan of comedy, Jerry Seinfeld. And he'd go, "How much could he eat?" September 17, 2020 at 2:05 pm. By missing this tournament, which is scheduled to begin August 31 in New York, the defending champion will put on hold his chance to equal Roger Federer’s men’s record for Grand Slam more, In Nadal's first match since February, he lost in straight sets on clay, something he rarely does. Nadal admits that last spring, even he wondered if his career was drawing to a close. It was time for a break in our interview and Seinfeld focussed his powers of observation on us. (CBS Local)– A new season of “60 Minutes” premieres on CBS this Sunday, September 20 at 7 p.m. EST and it features two timely and important stories about mail-in voting in Philadelphia and LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron. Here's Her Update On The State's Response To COVID-19, Stimulus Check Latest: Revised HEROES Act, Passed By House, Includes $1200 Payment; $600 Additional Unemployment, Dr. Fauci's Boss Has A Stern Warning About A Second Surge And Why Wearing A Mask Isn’t A Political Issue, Sheriff: Woman Found Dead In Rochester Hills Pool, Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 7: Joe Mixon Injury Opens Door For Giovani Bernard. We found a lot of people scratching their heads saying ‘is this safe, is this going to work.’ There are questions about the mail service. Steve Kerr: It's our last year at Oracle. With the home of his other great love just a few hundred yards away, we asked Seinfeld if he had considered putting in a bid this year when the New York Mets were up for sale. Jon Wertheim Verified Correspndent, 60 Minutes and Senior Writer — Sports Illustrated He suffered a comprehensive loss to Novak Djokovic in the final of the Australian Open, the first major of the season. Big, big soccer star. It’s challenging and it’s fun and has an impact that no other news broadcast has. Among his duties: keeping track of all those shoes. And what do the ants do? We were allowed past the perimeter, through a hidden entrance for a VIP perspective. And-- I mean, if you want me to go further, I will. Jon Wertheim: How's this gonna work? It was a rare five-on-one interview, with the players showing some signs of midseason fatigue. Steve Kerr: You know drawing up the plays is maybe 20 percent of it. Once practice ended, we watched as Durant got in his extra work. So I could have more people yelling at me on the street (LAUGH) when they lose? Wertheim’s feature on Coach Orgeron started out as just that and then it turned into a news story when conferences suspended their seasons and some like the Big 10 did an about face and brought college football back. I trained, yes. Halfway to the locker room, he drains it. Jon Wertheim: You called him "some putz on LinkedIn." How are you now? That has injected a lot of confusion in the process. Steve Kerr: My favorite nights are when our starters play really well and our bench gets to play, like, a whole quarter, the whole fourth quarter. Jerry Seinfeld: Deep concern. I’ve had a normal life. We found a lot of people scratching their heads saying ‘is this safe, is this going to work.’ There are questions about the mail service. (LAUGHTER). Lewis Jon Wertheim (born in Bloomington, Indiana) is a sports journalist and author. Every dollar. When you were a kid, remember kicking over the anthill? I like this one. Published by Simon and Schuster, part of ViacomCBS, the book is a primer on joke writing. Lenny Bruce dealt with what he had to deal with. And make fun of everything and everybody. The combined salaries of Curry, Durant and Thompson alone are expected to top one hundred million dollars next season. They just come whenever they want. But the fact that I am like that or not is not up to me to say. You have to see people walking on 60 Minutes. But I have been able to overcome the problems in a positive way. His civic pride is such that when a local comedy club owner posted an essay on LinkedIn this past summer, claiming New York City would never bounce back from COVID, Seinfeld was moved to write a rebuttal. Was Acquitted Of Killing His Ex-Wife Nicole Brown Simpson And Ron Goldman, Michigan Health Dept.


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