m1912 overcoat

The four patch pockets were eliminated and replaced with four “cut in” pockets. All of the coats were unlined; they were likely made that way because the weight of the woolen fabric was already of sufficient warmth. Photo No. If the new specifications called for new pockets or new sleeves, all of the older “parts” from the previous specification that had not yet been used would be incorporated into the first production run of the new garment until the supply of old parts had been completely exhausted. The wartime 1918 vegetable ivory regulation button, which was authorized for use on service coats in order to conserve metal and because it was found that fragments of metal buttons sometimes caused wounds received on the battlefield to become infected. Specification No. Under the buttons is the basic cuff configuration found on the service coats mentioned in this post. Photo No. Otherwise, in every other respect, the Specification No.
22: Here a 1918 British Contract Coat is worn by a 1. 06: Photographic evidence indicates that the 1911 Service Coat was worn all the way up to the end of 1917 and well into the Occupation of Germany in 1919 as indicated by this photos of 3, Because of the clothing shortage, during the summer and autumn of 1917 it was not uncommon for the raw recruits at a training camp to be seen at drill wearing a curious mixture of civilian as well as obsolete and current Army issued clothing.

Photo No. Photo No. Made using the correct 25 oz wool,cotton drill lining and a white cotton underling. This however, can largely be attributed to the many different contractors that were involved in their fabrication.

Photo No. It is sometimes referred to as “bed ticking”, because it resembled the striped ticking fabric that was used to make pillows and mattresses. WWI US ARMY M1912 WOOL WINTER OVERCOAT. Only & Sons jersey overcoat in navy . 08: In this before and after comparison of the regulation 1909 Service Coat, which called for four collar discs on the collar (left) and a modified 1909/11 Hybrid Service Coat (right), it is obvious that the body of the coat and its sleeves are nearly identical, while the collars are completely different. Because of the delays in obtaining woolen clothing from America, it became necessary for the AEF to place orders abroad for various articles of clothing that were urgently needed. Coincidentally Specification No. The 1912 specifications opened up bidding for government contracts to a broader range of suppliers. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. 1176 for the 1913 pattern enlisted men’s Overcoat. Specifications for the 1917 Service Coat were revised in December of 1917. Made more form fitting in order to give the wearer a slimmer appearance. *. Right hand photo courtesy of the John Adam-Graf collection, Specification No. Early in the war in the U.S.A., a hybrid 1911/09 Service Coat that was made from left over stocks of pre 1911 service coats was also worn with some degree of regularity, and an unusually crudely U.S. made service coat which has since been nicknamed “Rough Cut” also appeared shortly after that. Its estimated time of adoption was the spring or summer of 1918. This post also closely mirrors that of a very informative older forum post also on the topic of WW I Service Coats, written by Gil Sanow: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/6489-the-world-war-i-army-ems-service-coat/?hl=%2B1918+%2Bservice+%2Bcoat. The most obvious difference to the 1917 Service Coat was that it was now made from a heavier 16 ounce to the yard olive drab melton wool material.

Lun 4 Déc 2017 - 12:03: Fin de l'histoire, je viens de le trouver dans le MM n°62: Officer's Mantel Overcoat, décrit d'abord en 1902, modifié en 1907 puis en 1912. Its estimated time of adoption was the summer or autumn of 1917. I don't know a lot about these as this is the first one that I have owned. Because the buttons were reused and could easily be transferred from one coat to another, it is not unusual for a service coat, regardless of its specification date, to bear any of the three types of buttons. Left hand photo courtesy of Bay State Militaria.com, Right hand photo courtesy of the New Romantic collection. Tap this message to retry. If anyone has seen a French contract, not a French tailor made 1917 style service coat, please post any images or information here.


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