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The city boasts an international airport and a number of tourist attractions including Bagauda Lake/Tiga Lake Resort Man-made, Tourist Camp, Audu Bako Zoo, Gidan Makama Museum Monument/Museum and Kofar Mata Dyeing Pit among others. Industries in Ibadan include cigarette manufacture, food processing, furniture, metal works, handicrafts, and soap. Invented in Sweden, made with in Naija "The Giant of Africa". Nigeria’s cities have been increasingly growing due to economic progress and have become destinations for … Little wonder it is loved and experiencing alarming levels of immigration. Presidents And Military Leaders Of Nigeria Since Independence, Towns With The Lowest Violent Crime Rates In The US. Enugu is loved by so many not just for ‘coal’ but for its notable tourist destinations like Nike Holiday Resort, Iva Valley (coal mine) and the famous Nmanwu Cultural Festival. This list would be crap if the most pre-planned city is missing from it. Find Travelstart on G+, Your email address will not be published. It’s a city that has not really being in the lime light but is surprisingly one of the largest cities in Nigeria. For folks who love to shop, some of the big shopping stores in Abuja will give you value for your money. No way it can be taken seriously. Clean babes everywhere, unbeatable nightlife, swaggers throwing slags like 2moro no dey. With my experience and also from world class rating, only No.1 (Abuja) and No.2 (Lagos) hold true on this list, other cities were misplaced. This mega city is separated by water bodies into two main parts (Island and Mainland). Thanks. It is home to so many multinational companies, most of which are affiliated to oil and gas. Road networks are top notch and the constructions are very organized. The populace in this area are involved in all sorts of farming. People in Uyo would never agree to Calabar being crowned as the most beautiful city in Nigeria, and reasonably so since the road network in Uyo is very planned out without potholes and with solar street lighting system. Proper planning strategies are needed from Nigerian’s government in regards to how to mitigate challenges caused by such high, and still growing, populations in the country's urban centers. The city is situated on four main islands namely, Lagos, Victoria, Iddo, and Ikoyi which are all connected by a network of bridges. It is even touted as the most beautiful city in Nigeria and it is ever springing out newer developments. Without Kano city, all the above mentioned is nothing but claptrap and garbage. it’s nonsense research Abuja nd Kano ix d best. Pottery and traditional textile industry among others are thriving businesses there also. Benin city should av been the number 3 on that list n d state didn’t appear at all.. there is no justice with regards to d list. Directory of Cities, Towns, and Regions in Nigeria She is home to many tourist sites such as Sea Ports, Isaac Boro Park, Monument of Jaja, Bony Island, Ifoko Beach, the oil refineries, the tourist beach etc. Enugu’s development has not been stagnant like a few of its counterparts and it’s a very beautiful city with nice topography and attractive structures. The landscape is very attractive and it houses some 3-5 star hotels. …aint a hater tho,juz typin’ ma mind hre. For everyone with a love for aqua life and water fronts, this is one place in Nigeria you must visit. Apart 4rm abuja as a capital no city is finner dan lagos, gov ambode is doing good. Food, accommodation, transport and general life style here is quite affordable. make all of u forget o. Lagos na baba, finest jooo. While in Abuja, experience a different kind of sightseeing that will make your visit memorable. even a town like Abakalika is gradually taking a city status. The standard of living here is high and this spans across food, shelter and clothing. This city is the state capital of Rivers located in the south-south region of Nigeria. Nano can’t even near cities like Lagos n Imo not to talk of others. Kano has a bustling industrial sector with industries such as textiles, food processing, plastics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cement, soap, metal works, and furniture. With a grand master plan for what the city would (must) look like, international shopping centres and 3-5 star hotels, you definitely haven’t seen Nigeria’s beauty if you’ve not been to Abuja. Jos is a beautiful town and is a really nice place to raise a family or live. The population of Nigeria was approximately 182.2 million people as of 2015. Electricity is very constant because of the proximity of the Kainji Dam to the town. Ibadan is also a major educational center and is home to Nigeria’s first university, named the University of Ibadan. thanks for sharing. This is a good information but i think the list need to be updated. The Ibeno Beach. Kano is an ancient city and is the pride of most Northerners. It houses various natural attractions, appreciable topography and it redevelopment has been something really noteworthy. Cacao and Cotton are the major agricultural products produced in the city. The city attracts visitors with its array of tasty delicacies, beautiful architecture and festivals. This article is super unprofessional and poorly written. Bros is delta that supposed to be the number 3 . Kano boasts of a population of 2,828,861 residents, and it is situated in the North Western region of Nigeria. Tourism here is huge as tourist are exposed to attractions like the palace of the Olu of Warri, Nama palace, Koko Red Mangrove Swamp, Effurun Garden Park, beaches and resorts. Population in Lagos is diverse in ethnicity due to local and global migration. List of Cities and Towns in Nigeria. oh boy dem starch ur eye…. So none of them worth international standard of modern city. It also has a multi-billion naira ultra-modern stadium. Calabar suppose to be top. Ilorin is also home to several prominent “learned” men and women as the legal profession is really strong there. events in Kampala City, Uganda, since the inception of modern town planning in 1903, and runs through the various planning episodes of 1912, 1919, 1930, 1951, 1972 and 1994. Abuja is the best then Lagos next. Located at the south-eastern part of Nigeria, it’s the state capital of Enugu. The presence of oil has a ripple effect on its commerce. From the spiritual shines to the ancient cities of the north, from the river deltas to the Yoruba kingdoms, the Ibo’s stunning environments and among many simply pure sceneries; Nigeria leaves every visitor breathing hard with suspense and excitement. Abuja, the capital city is one of the most loved cities in the country. It’s described as the biggest city in the whole of West Africa. Abuja. Lagos is a financial, commercial, educational center in Nigeria. Dr Deji Adeleke (Davido’s Father): Net Worth, Migrating to Norway from Nigeria: Step by Step Guide, Davido’s House and Cars – Worth & Pictures. Posts by the Travelstart Blogmaster come from a variety of contributors to this blog. Another city sharing name with its state and a must visit place for people who gets caught up with the culture of the north. Lagos has local and international markets of all kind. Therefore, in no particular order, here are the most loved cities in Nigeria to visit: It’s also called the ‘ancient city’ and it’s the state capital of Oyo. The population in Lagos city has primarily surged over the years, with millions of people being lured by economic opportunities and better infrastructure. The Hausa people mostly dominate the area and around 98% of the total population is Muslim. Required fields are marked *. Other massive cities in Nigeria in regard to their population sizes include Benin City with 1,147,188 residents, followed by Port Harcourt (1,005,904), Jos (821,618), Ilorin (777,667), Abuja (776,298) and Kaduna (760,084). Once adjudged the neatest city in Nigeria, Uyo is a cool, calm, classy and serene destination. Nah aboki him be nah,dem fit sub make humans day waka go find grass come give cattle to chop for inside mansion. The coastline makes Lagos a ravishing beauty! Lagos has the biggest and best night life in Africa , so if enugu is as interesting as that imaging how Lagos will be, Calabar is the most beautiful city in Nigeria also the most cleanest, e be like say who list dis tin no dey travel oooo becx as i dey here so i don travel to 28 state in nigeria but among dy 28 state is only 4 dat i se say he lok nice nd clean noba 1 is calabar 2 akwa ibom 3 lagos 4 abuja, Guy i believe u na true u talk.owerri is steping up thr game, I have been to places , I recommend Akwa Ibom and cross River as most cleanest states. Abuja is Nigeria’s seat of power and it is believed that in Abuja, life is good. Nigeria’s cities have been increasingly growing due to economic progress and have become destinations for rural-to-urban migration.


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