nissan leaf battery replacement program
Must present offer to redeem. This is a wholly new battery pack that will be compatible with earlier generations of Leaf. 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1: 350-mile electric off-road SUV priced at... Model Y tow package recall points to a continued Tesla strength. Based on latest available dealers at time of posting. Note that Nissan's 100,000-mile / 8-year warranty only covers the battery if it fails completely. See your dealer for full program details. LeafSpy Pro app showing real-time Nissan Leaf electric-car operating data [image: Rick SantAngelo]. As soon as it falls beneath the threshold—represented by a minimum of 9 bars on the car’s capacity gauge—Nissan will replace the battery pack with a new or remanufactured one. Some of them, especially the lowest-range cars from the two earliest model years (2011 and 2012), have started to see significant battery capacity degradation. Express Service is the same expert service you trust and value at your Nissan dealership. The two figures illustrate the differences between a new battery and a deficient battery. We are currently taking reservations for our Nissan Leaf Battery Pack Replacement solution. There is basically nothing in the drivetrain beyond the battery and the electronics that could go wrong, and I have never heard of the electronics failing. When you get a screen like the one below, you can adjust the mileage estimator to get a more accurate guess on how far you can travel on the current charge. I think this is very bad for an electric car, for a few reasons: Mechanically, the Leaf is a very sound car. See warranty information booklet for battery limited warranty details. We should note that for Leaf owners who intend to try to negotiate with Nissan over getting a replacement Leaf battery for one that has severely degraded, there's some advice to follow. Yesterday, Nissan gave an answer: approximately $100 per month, for as long as you keep the car, under its new Battery Replacement Program. That made their early Leaf all but unusable, as Rick recounted in a post we published in late March. The Battery Replacement Program is also bad news for those who drive long distances in their LEAFs, since it appears they will have no option to replace their car’s battery pack until it is at 70 percent of its original capacity—equivalent to just over 50 miles of range. In sum: enjoy your Nissan Leaf, and don’t send it to the junkyard if your battery loses capacity! Designed for high cranking or high cycling, More powerful than standard flooded batteries, Supports start-stop technology with regenerative braking and passive boost, Electrolyte absorbed and held in glass mat separators. You earn points based on every dollar you spend at your participating Nissan dealership. Select this dealer to Shop Now! If there were some way to reset the estimate at the bottom of the hill, it might be more accurate. Nissan has expanded their electric vehicle battery replacement program to Europe, £4,100 (and trade-in of existing old pack) will net you a new 24kWh model I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. State of Health (SOH): current battery capacity as a percentage of original capacity, Amperage Hours (AHr): current power level, State of Charge (SOC): current level of charge. Customer must present a printed or digital lower-priced quote on an identical tire dated within 30 days of purchase from a tire retailer and installer within 100 miles of dealership. Be confident in the quality and fit of your new battery. The reserve capacity of our new pack is about 3.5 kwh, according to Leaf Spy Pro (more on that later). Valid at participating dealerships. Moreover, customers who sign up to the program and start paying the $100 monthly fee will be eligible for an immediate, initial battery replacement, regardless of the condition of their car’s original pack. I agree to receive emails from Green Car Reports. See warranty information booklet for battery limited warranty details. ©2020 The Nissan One To One Rewards program is a loyalty program designed for YOU to earn valuable points at your Nissan dealership. Regenerative braking is less efficient when the battery degrades. Here's how to buy the right one. Additional terms and restrictions may apply. *Towing capability varies by configuration. All rights reserved. At that point, Nissan Leaf Customer Support had told them that the battery condition was normal and to be expected, and that the car wasn't worth enough that they should spend more than $8,000 on a new battery. This Dealer is certified to sell and fully service the Nissan GT-R. Based on latest available list of certified dealers at the time of posting. While the Battery Replacement Program is bad news for those who like to drive their LEAFs close to its official 75-mile EPA limit, it is good news for used car buyers. In addition to a more readable format, Leaf Spy Pro has a few additional screens and offers data derived from real-time statistics. Nissan is not the seller or warrantor, nor does it recommend or endorse any tires other than those identified as OEM. DON'T MISS: Lessons learned from early electric car: 2011 Nissan Leaf at 90,000 miles. That was the case with Rick and Linda SantAngelos' 2011 Nissan Leaf after 90,000 miles: it had only 30 to 35 miles of range left on a battery originally EPA-rated at 73 miles of range. Complimentary multi-point inspection. Essentially, Nissan’s new Battery Replacement Program is little more than an extended lifetime warranty on LEAF battery packs. That’s what I did, and we've been very happy with the results. What follows is his update to the original story, edited by Green Car Reports for style, flow, and clarity. To learn more go to: Your Nissan dealer offers a complimentary battery diagnostic test as part of our multi-point inspection. Nissan assists Dealer Tire and dealers in the administration of this program. Battery design holds electrolyte in glassmat separators, as opposed to freely flooding plates. See Nissan Towing Guide and Owner's Manual for additional information. See dealer for details. Several owners we’ve spoken to say they would welcome the option to pay a premium to replace their car’s battery pack before it hits 70 percent of its original capacity, so their cars can still do the trips their owners need them to. With the new battery, we average 4.4 mi/kwh, and the difference is due to regenerative braking. Since the reserve capacity of any pack is a fixed number, the percentage of total capacity it represents rises as capacity decreases. Genuine Nissan Parts and Accessories deliver model-specific engineering, perfect fit, reliability, and like new performance for your vehicle you would expect from an Original Equipment Manufacturer. Based on latest available list of certified dealers at the time of posting. Your dealer will target to complete an Oil & Filter change and Tire Rotation within 45 minutes. Nissan vehicles only. Trust your vehicle’s service needs to our factory-trained experts. May not be combined with other offers. Genuine Nissan Parts and Accessories fit the first time, helping you save time and money. While some LEAF drivers will welcome Nissan’s Battery Replacement Program since it gives them a guaranteed battery health for the lifetime of the car—provided they continue to pay the $100 monthly fee of course—many more are wary of the program. Excludes Brembo® Brakes. Take advantage of credits and rebates to reduce EV costs. This dealer offers Nissan One To One Online Service Scheduling. I paid State of Washington sales tax and financed the $5,500 cost for three years at $150 per month (at a 3.09% APR). Certain restrictions apply. When the battery pack degrades, the car's range drops more than you might think, for a couple of reasons. The 2018 Nissan Leaf will likely be revealed within the next three months, but more than 100,000 older Leaf electric cars are still silently in use on U.S. roads. READ THIS: How to negotiate for a new Nissan Leaf battery pack: electric-car owner advises. Rick and Linda SantAngelo with the 2011 Nissan Leaf at 96,000 miles.


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