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While Melanie was preparing in her room, Henry lured Jake up to the attic where he hanged him by the neck from the rafters. Elegantly dressed pairs of ghostly dancers twirl around the Ballroom, as a spirit organist sits at a massive organ, playing a haunting waltz on it as wraiths fly out of its pipes. They pass an old conservatory with a piano as its centerpiece, where an unseen pianist (save for a disembodied shadow on the keys and the floor) plays a warped rendition of "The Wedding March." A cowboy and his horse on a cliff gazing off at Big Thunder Mountain becoming spectral beings while a ghostly cattle emerges from the sky (replacing the knight). Located in Frontierland at Disneyland Paris, the attraction opened with Euro Disneyland on April 12, 1992. Great rifts in the earth surrounding the vehicles suggest that an earthquake has happened, which reenacts Thunder Mesa's turning point from a prosperous community to a ghost town. The story received a significant update during the 2019 refurbishment of the attraction, though nothing presented has so far contradicted existing elements. ", The Phantom in Phantom Canyon (1992-2018), The Phantom as Henry Ravenswood, with his daughter, The Phantom's Park Starz Vinylmation figure. Warlocks and Witches, answer this call! The Phantom is the main antagonist of Phantom Manor. Guests started to leave and Melanie kept telling the butlers and maids that he would come. In the updated 2019 storyline, it was made canon that the Phantom is in fact the ghost of Henry Ravenswood, the late-… Every Phantom Manor News : New effects; rehab, closings, special events . One after one, he invited his dead, demonic friends from the afterlife to fill the house in an eternal party. Melanie grew from a young girl into a beautiful young woman and became drawn to several suitors who planned to take her far away from Thunder Mesa, much to the dismay of Henry. Beside the armor is a seemingly Endless Hallway, with the vision of Melanie appearing and disappearing in the distance while the candelabra that she is holding remains in view. The carriages then travel underground to the catacombs (presumably Boot Hill) and see a series of coffins being opened by their skeletal residents as well as the skeleton hands attempting to pry open a coffin from the inside, usually in the conservatory scene in the Haunted Mansion. He loves tormenting the innocent and destroying their lives, and is completely unstoppable in his evil. Melanie's plaintive voice asks if any of the guests will marry her, and as the buggies pass a trio of large mirrors, they see briefly the image of Melanie reflected beside them. Then suddenly, lights go out completely and the guests are shrouded in darkness. Many consider it to be much darker than the original attraction, thematically. One can see a ghostly, foggy landscape through the huge window above the stairs. Guests then file into an octagonal room with four portraits of a young Melanie. Hours went by with no sign of the groom. The Doombuggies then travel through a Corridor lined with doors. This is also the only mansion in any of the parks that has guests enter the ride through the front door. Henry Ravenswood becoming the Phantom (replacing Medusa). The Phantom is a dark sadist who revels in pain and sorrow. Melanie's face fades in and out of the smallest mirror during the narration. He is standing outside the window of the Brides Boudoir, with a grave he dug, for the guests to fall down into. All the while, a music box plays, as well as an old gramophone. In the 2019 refurbishment an additional effect was added to the foyer. She wandered the house for years and years, singing softly to her groom, while all around her demons and ghosts reveled and danced. As if sensing the evil inherent in the house, nothing living ever trod there; inside, dust and cobwebs covered every inch, the disheartened staff not caring, for it was rumored that Melanie had lost her mind. He murdered the unfortunate groomby hanging him from the rafters in the attic, and his dark presence remained in the house to keep Melanie there. Phantom Manor's Omnimover portion is similar to the Disneyland Haunted Mansion's system. Ce site est indépendant de la Walt Disney Company et d'Euro Disney S.C.A. An unbroken train of black Omnimover "Doombuggies" move through the center of the room, alongside a moving platform to enable easy loading. Four invisible gambler figures play poker nearby. Henry Ravenswood was developed as part of an effort to unify the story of Disneyland Paris's Frontierland, making him both the owner of the Big Thunder Mining Company and Phantom Manor. A sailing ship turns into a burning vessel. Inside it, there is a dancing showgirl, a bartender, and a man playing a honky-tonk piano. . Discutez de tout et de rien ! Turning to look down a hallway that appears endless, they see Melanie appear holding a candelabra, while just behind her the Phantom lurks. Melanie is having a picnic with Jake Evans as, Melanie holds a parasol as she rides in a boat about to go over a waterfall, Melanie wades through a small stream as an. The Phantom is next seen in the manor's conservatory only as a shadow, invisibly playing the piano. As a disembodied voice describes (in both English and French) how "beauty once lived in this house," the painting transforms from winter to spring, the father and daughter pair now smiling. Phantom Manor is a dark ride attraction in Frontierland at Disneyland Park in Disneyland Paris. She waits for a groom until Judgment Day. In fact, when you are walking through the corridor in the pre-shows, you are walking through the hill which connects the ride building and the facade. On the left side of the Corridor is a Conservatory containing a piano, adorned with the wreaths of the deceased suitors. It is easier to see him at night, since there is a light shining behind him. Your presence is wanted at this ghostly ball! (It uses the same audio as the skeleton attempting to escape his coffin in the Conservatory in the other Haunted Mansions). If she is, then she is well over 100 years old. Toute l'actualité du Manoir : Nouveautés, réhabilitations, fermetures, événements spéciaux . It seemed the Thunder Bird had been awakened and the family was never heard of again. [Forum réservé. Your presence is wanted at this ghostly ball! A twitching suit of armor then comes into view, although this effect is not obvious and can be missed in the semi-darkness. Melanie even so kept her hopes, waiting for her love's return, and never figured out why he had "left". Warlocks and Witches, answer this call! The clock displayed in the room has a blade pendulum, in reference to Edgar Allan Poe's The Pit and the Pendulum, which was also the basis for a movie featuring Vincent Price. Lighting effects also transform the wallpaper in the room from old and torn to brand-new. Having a picnic with her fiancé as ants raid their food and a snake, scorpion, spider and beetle approach. Soon thereafter, he built a grand Victorian manor high on Boot Hill. Guests see a pharmacy where a green-faced pharmacist drinks a potion of some-sort, followed by a saloon whose front wall has caved in. The room actually appears to stretch, and the portraits grow taller — revealing some haunting situations the young girl is in including: The Phantom, as in previous incarnations of the attraction, mentions the chamber having no windows and no doors, offering guests the "chilling challenge" of finding a way out. After the guests exit the stretching room, the Phantom bids his farewell to them, and promises to "meet up at the party". The vehicles enter a subterranean chamber lined with large, gilt-framed mirrors in which the ghostly image of the Phantom can be seen above the Doombuggies along with a reflection of guests themselves. He kills without thinking twice, and flaunts his kills like they are sport. . Drunken ghosts swing precariously from the chandelier above the table. Join now the Spirits in Nuptial Doom, a ravishing Bride, a vanishing Groom... A portrait of Henry Ravenswood flashes briefly to that of the Phantom. Vehicles travel through a wine cellar, where cast members await to help them disembark their carriages and they walk toward the exit. The Phantom Manor ride follows the same layout of the original Disneyland version of the Haunted Mansion, since the Omnimover layouts of both are almost identical, but not completely (the Phantom Manor version is a bit longer, primarily to accommodate the Western scenes near the end). Melanie's face fades in and out of the smallest mirror during the narration. The Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents Aloha e Komo Mai! Some nights, when the moon is full and the sky is clear of clouds, you can still hear the lonely mourning of the bride, the maniacal laughter of the Phantom, and the faint tinkle of glass and chatter of party guests.


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