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Or check out our Photoshop Basics section for more tutorials. on this. My 2016 MBP had been away yet again for repair (I am now on keyboard/top cover #5 as keyboard/top cover #4 installed in November had a faulty left speaker) while I was away in the USA over Christmas. To follow along, all you will need is a new, empty Photoshop document like the one I'm using here: Before we look at the new Shapes panel and the new ways to draw shapes in Photoshop CC 2020, I should point out that the traditional way of drawing shapes using the Custom Shape Tool still works. Where are the usual arrows and bubbles and frames, etc.? Release your mouse button to complete the shape, at which point Photoshop fills it with color: Photoshop fills the shape when you release your mouse button. Drawing Custom Shapes in Photoshop CC 2020. can't remember how? Let's take a quick look at using the Custom Shape Tool. Simply click on a shape's thumbnail in the Shapes panel and then drag and drop it into your document: Release your mouse button and Photoshop instantly draws the shape. Sadly the location for custom shapes in PS CC 2019, which I found under Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2019/Presets is empty, so must have been deleted during the update to 2020. You won't have access to all of the new shapes included with CC 2020 until you load them in from the Shapes panel. I'll use my Heart shape: Then in the Shapes panel, choose a different shape. Along with being the new home for all of your custom shapes, the Shapes panel is also where we can load hundreds of additional shapes included with Photoshop CC 2020. Control handles (little squares) will appear around the shape's outline, letting you know that the shape is selected. Using incorrect verbiage like this is what gets people confused as to what to do, to begin with. The new shapes are grouped into sets, and each set is represented by a folder. 2500+ Free Custom Photoshop Shapes. I'm sure I'm not alone here. If you go Window>Shapes you can load the Legacy Shapes and More. Someone will come along and tell you how. You can also choose Small List or Large List to view the names of the shapes along with their thumbnails: Along the top of the Shapes panel is a row showing your recently-used shapes. The place you circled is the Menu, not a toolbar either... LOL, thank you for correcting LDBDesigns. And to move the shape as you draw it, hold down your spacebar, drag the shape into place, and then release your spacebar and continue dragging: Release your mouse button to complete the shape, at which point Photoshop fills it with color: And in the Layers panel, the new shape appears on its own shape layer. First press and hold the Alt (Win) / Option (Mac) key on your keyboard. A nice feature with the Shapes panel is that shapes are automatically drawn with the correct aspect ratio, so there's no need to hold Shift like we do when drawing with the Custom Shape Tool: Another benefit of using the Shapes panel is that Photoshop automatically places the Free Transform box around the shape. So "check for updates" is a tad more helpful. And you'll learn simple tricks that let you combine shapes in different ways, including how to draw multiple shapes on the same layer, how to subtract one shape from another, and how to intersect shapes, all using the Shapes panel. I expect they'll be surprised by how many of us a) still want the shapes that have been around for centuries, and b) how hard it is to know those are now "legacy" files in the flyout menu  — as it is in all the panels, btw, in case you're looking for something. The result after dragging the gradient onto the shape. The custom shapes tool used to have actually useful shapes like arrows and such which were very useful for quick design needs.,, How to Add Legacy Custom Shapes to Photoshop 2020. I am trying to follow your steps. Start by adding an initial shape. thanks all , faced the same problem. For others looking, it is important to use the Windows Menu and Shapes; it doesn't show up in the Shapes panel for the tool. All shapes on the same layer share the same fill. Or click and drag the shape layer down onto the trash bin. Thank you!!! This is an incredibly retrograde step IMHO, Adobe is on a sacred mission to make their software as obnoxious and as obtuse as possible, from what I've seen over the last decade. Dragging a shape onto an existing shape while holding Alt (Win) / Option (Mac). The icon in the upper right opens Photoshop's Color Picker where you can select a custom color for your shape: Photoshop instantly updates the shape with the new color: To delete a shape, select the shape layer in the Layers panel and then press the Backspace (Win) / Delete (Mac) key on your keyboard. To select the Custom Shape Tool, click and hold on the Rectangle Tool's icon in the toolbar until a fly-out menu appears, and then choose the Custom Shape Tool from the menu: Then in the Options Bar, open the Custom Shape Picker by clicking on the current shape's thumbnail: And here we find the new default shapes included with Photoshop CC 2020. The 2019 Shapes are in the Legacy Shapes and More folder, but go to Window > Shapes and load that folder from the Panel menu if you don't see it. Make sure you drag directly onto the shape, otherwise you'll add the color to the wrong layer: Release your mouse button and the shape is instantly updated with the new color: Learn more: Create your own color swatches from images! The first contains all of the new shapes in CC 2020, and the second holds all of the legacy shapes from earlier Photoshop versions: In the 2019 Shapes folder, you'll find sets for leaves and trees, lakes and hills, people, animals, buildings, vehicles, games, dinosaurs, and more. Flaming others for "not following directions" isn't and in fact is rude. Sadly the location for custom shapes in PS CC 2019, which I found under Applications/Adobe Photoshop 2019/Presets is empty, so must have been deleted during the update to 2020. Don't be a tool. Home > Photoshop Basics > Drawing Custom Shapes in Photoshop CC 2020. Learn more: What's the difference between vector shapes and pixel shapes? Let’s say you’re working on a poster. I also can't find a download or import of the legacy shapes... any suggestions? So hard to find what you're looking for. Now you have to manually create it, or search for it online. In fact, it's faster and easier than drawing with the Custom Shape Tool. Or press Enter (Win) / Return (Mac) on your keyboard: While it looks like we have two shapes in the document, the Layers panel is not showing two separate shape layers. Again, both shapes appear on the same shape layer in the Layers panel. I noticed there was an update on PS CS 2020 which had become available after I had left my MBP with Apple. Dragging one shape onto another while holding Shift+Alt (Win) / Shift+Option (Mac). Choosing a new shape color from the Color Picker. 1.2 Download Custom Default Shapes for Photoshop CC 2020. After you load Legacy Shapes and More, click on All Legacy Default Shapes. It seems like the cog wheel menu in the Options bar might be a good place to add a command like "Open Shape Panel for more. Then choose the Path Selection Tool (the black arrow) from Photoshop's toolbar: And then click with the Path Selection Tool inside the shape you need. Dragging out one of the custom shapes in Photoshop CC 2020. And in the Layers panel, the new shape appears on its own shape layer. And then with the key held down, drag and drop another shape from the Shapes panel directly onto an existing shape. We're all in a hurry these days so it slipped past me too the first time. August 14, 2020 September 30, 2020 Digital Assets Photoshop PSD by Igor. . " Any suggestions for the Mac version of Photoshop CC 2020? To add a new shape to an existing shape layer, first press and hold the Shift key on your keyboard. There are many, many people having trouble finding this EVEN after following the so called instructions. You can also drag and drop a gradient from the Gradients panel or a pattern from the Patterns panel onto the shape. Hey, don't be a bonehead. So for example, if I drag a different gradient from the Gradients panel onto either of the shapes: The gradient is applied not just to that one shape but to both shapes on the layer: To delete one of the shapes, select the shape with the Path Selection Tool and then press Backspace (Win) / Delete (Mac) on your keyboard.


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