racehorse partnerships
Speaking of fun, learn about an often overlooked benefit of joining a racing partnership. You don’t even need to have full ownership of your racehorse. Please reach out to us for interest in a future partnership. Our founders grew up around horses and the track, igniting a passion for same love for horses and the horseracing industry that our investors do. We also have one of the best areas for thoroughbred auction in the country. Congrats to all owners and connections. You will constantly be informed about all aspects regarding your horse, the track, and stables. This is done at any one of a number of auctions, or through private sale. Update: Unite the Masses won his first race for Ruby shoe stables on Feb 27th in a great finish! CONTACT US to join our mailing list and receive information on new partnership offerings. Our goal is to provide all the fun and excitement that thoroughbred racing has to offer with a fraction of the financial risk, none of the hassle, and an extreme level of customer service. Joi  ning a Thoroughbred horse racing partnership is one of the most affordable, smart and fun ways for new owners to enjoy all the fun of being an insider in an entirely new world for a fraction of the cost. All partnerships will afford you the opportunity to pull back the curtain and learn, as well as participate in, all facets of racing; from the horse selection process, to visiting the horse at the farm, during training, throughout the race preparation and selection process, as well as the most important part: race day! We will keep you informed in-person or through social media/email. One key feature of our partnerships is that they are all underwritten by Johnston Racing. our partners have ever made. you buy 5% or 50% of the horse, once you make your investment, the horse What you are buying in both cases is time. Blue Streak Racing, and our experienced team, always have our collective “ears to the ground” for potential opportunities. Unite the Masses, out of Cairo Prince, is a 3 year old gelding who has hit the board in seven of his nine career starts. Send us a message below! Here are the available partnerships: Unite the Masses, out of Cairo Prince, is a 3 year old gelding who has hit the board in seven of his nine career starts. Often times owners only see their horse on race day. These partnerships will form when there is enough interest, and coincide with the traditional sales calendar (early to late fall). Two year-old partnerships will form in the late winter/early Spring, in anticipation of the March and April OBS sales in Florida, but also as late as May, with the Fasig-Tipton May sales in Maryland. of reward. thoroughbred horse racing syndicate allows investors to buy horses or We invite you to come to trainings, so you can build a relationship with the horse. It has become an increasingly popular way for groups of friends to get involved. February, Year 2:  The Thoroughbred will return to the off track training facility to continue training and preparation for the racetrack. This was after finishing second in the same class race on Jan 2nd. He has accrued $39,403.00 to date highlighted by two wins at Arlington Park, IL during September alone in 2019. September – October, Year 1:  The Thoroughbred will be purchased in the fall of Year 1. If you buy a 10’ tree, it’s significantly more expensive. If you are interested in racehorse partnerships, we at Victory Racing would Florida Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association. If you’re interested in becoming an owner at Johnston Racing, or have any further questions, please contact us by following the button or calling us on +44 (0) 1969 622 237. can also choose to invest in multiple horses. With the end hope that both will “bear fruit.” The potential return on investment is high, and in the case where costs wouldn’t be recouped at auction, there is always the option to keep the horse and race it under the Blue Streak Racing banner. Update: Unite the Masses won his first race for Ruby shoe stables on Feb 27th in a great finish! You do not even If you buy a seed, it’s very cheap. At Victory Racing, we offer thoroughbred racehorse partnerships at an affordable Leaders of Racehorse Partnerships Invest in a Thoroughbred & Make Your Dreams a Reality. Ruby Shoe Stables, LLC is changing horse racing partnerships by making ownerships affordable and connecting owners to the horses the way it should be; making it personal again. The expenses for this type of partnership are higher, due to the fact that there is no possibility for income from racing for upwards of a year while the horse is in training (unless the horse is resold as a yearling or at a 2 year-old in training sale, often referred to as “Pinhooking”; see below). Click the, learn about an often overlooked benefit of joining a racing partnership. October 20, 2020 Both Centastic & Chrome Finish left SBM Training Center this past Saturday and headed out to their new trainer Steve Asmussen at ... Kahiko has been entered to run on Thursday, August 6th in the 6th race at Gulfstream Park. There are a lot of ways to own a race horse. Assembling inside the paddock before the race to see your horse saddled and greeting the trainer and jockey, Celebrating a victory with your horse and team inside the Winner's Circle and taking your picture, Racetrack and backstretch credentials in most racing jurisdictions for complimentary admission, parking and barn access, Fellowship and community with other partners and racing management staff. Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Three to six months of maintenance fees are normally included in the initial buy-in. She continues to get her horses perform extremely while making sure the horses get the best treatment possible. The Jockey Club. Interested in a partnership opportunity or have a question? He has hit the board in nine out of twelve starts. Purchasing a horse at auction is a long-term prospect, with the potential for high returns. If you would like further information about Mark’s racing partnerships, please email him at: partners@johnston.racing. Because you can choose how much you invest, owning a horse can be within your price range. October, Year 1:  The Thoroughbred will ship to an off track training facility where it will be broken (see definitions, “. This is often done in either the fall of the weanling (less than a year old) or yearling (less than 2 years-old) season, and sold in the spring of the following year. Whether A private sale will most often occur at an auction, when a horse wasn’t able to be sold in the sales ring. Whichever route we go to purchase a horse we want you to be part of the process. Driven by a common love for horses and a passion for the industry, investing in a racehorse has become one of the best decisions many of our partners have ever made. There are many companies offering racing partnerships around the country. One thing is for certain: by investing your share Shares in the Pocket Aces Racing partnerships vary based on a variety of factors including the cost of the thoroughbred, time of year purchased, where the thoroughbred is racing, who is training the thoroughbred, and the number of months of maintenance expenses which are being collected up front. Late Summer – Fall, Year 2:  The Thoroughbred will make its racing debut. and stables. you've been an owner before and are looking to experience racing at another level, explore owning a horse with West Point Thoroughbreds. We have a fantastic facility that the horse will train from daily. Blue Streak Racing will work in concert with its experienced team to select horses that have the potential to compete (“run back”) on short rest and/or advance (move “up the ladder”) to higher claiming levels. Investors also enjoy access to the racetrack New York Thoroughbred Breeders. exercise needed to maintain their health. Purchased for $75,000 as a weanling then purchased for $150,000 as a 2 year old, he has shown great ability in his young career. This strategy also helps maintain “action”, providing more opportunities for race day action and fun. We believe we have a formula that is very effective, and is second to none. With racetrack access, you can enjoy visiting and watching your horse during their workouts. Over the years, the partnerships have proved very successful with horses such as Broxbourne, Always Bold, Maid In Rio, Copperwood, Shernando, Mister Impatience, Sennockian Star, Ravenhoe, Dark Vision, Diviner, Victory Command, Rose Of Kildare, Bowman and many others recording wins for our partners all across Britain. will take care your horse, and ensure he or she gets all the necessary By spreading out the costs of campaigning a race horse and relying on experienced industry professionals to select and manage their horses, people with no or limited equine experience can increase their chances of a successful experience in one of the most emotionally rewarding sports around. We have spent the last few years reseaching the best ways to find the best  talent at the right prices in the area. SOLD OUT. your chance of winning. It has become an increasingly popular way for groups of friends to get involved. Expenses are approximately $1,250 – $1,500 per quarter per share (9.9% ownership). EDUCATION IS A HUGE PART OF THE WPT EXPERIENCE. Blue Streak Racing, LLC is a thoroughbred racing partnership based in Fair Hill, MD but with strong roots in the New York racing community. Acquiring a young horse at auction, or via private sale, with the express intent of reselling at a later time/place is often referred to as Pinhooking. in Victory Racing, you take very little risk in exchange for a lifetime We want to make sure once we have made a selection of a horse, you can follow the horse every step of the way. A typical timeline for yearlings is presented below. a racehorse! We provide updates prior to each race, following each race, and any time between races in which something out of the ordinary may occur. Driven by a common love for horses and a passion for the industry, We encourage you to visit the horse at the facility as often as you would like to see how the horse develops. Typical partnerships are comprised of 10 shares and each share typically sells for $2,000 – $20,000. The risk of such an investment is less due to the lower costs associated with having the horse at a farm, as opposed to on-track, and having the horse for usually less than six months from buying to selling. We enjoy partnering with people who share Our business is driven by personal relationships and customer service. The training and racing of Pocket Aces Thoroughbred(s) will reflect that individual’s maturity and readiness.


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