walmart the high cost of low price transcript
For alot of people these days, shopping at a mega mart, is a way to go. I can understand why you might think that the uneducated and criminal should not be paid a living wage. Cleaned up after your fellow employees who were not only lazy but in a hurry to clock out before they were over in their hours? Maybe that's why unions came to exist, because almost no one is looking out for the worker? It is an entry-level job. Once you hurt the strongest one the others tend to fall in place. You are not happy with your employer because: 1. you have to stop to answer a customer and with a smile 2. Get your facts straight. The last 5 or 10 minutes documents numerous cities that have succeeded in keeping Walmart out of their communities. I'm paying $900 a month out of my own pocket for health insurance because I'm self employed. Pros & Cons of Walmart:… Wal-Mart has been apart of our lives for over 50 years, becoming a dominant force in the retailing sector. From a family business owner in the Midwest to a preacher in California, from workers in Florida to a poet in Mexico, dozens of film crews on three continents bring the intensely personal stories of an assault on families and American values. All I can say is that this documentary broke my heart to see massive unstoppable oligarchs exploit my brothers and sisters from china to north carolina and destroying what little basic human dignity this already cold world ALLOWS them. Let me correct you; In the UK and all over Europe we have supermarkets and hypermarkets crushing small businesses, and big corporation turning the main streets into clones. Also, maybe there is no “better job” where they live. Just as the industrialization of rural America created a comfortable middle class in the west, the industrialization of the third world will create a comfortable middle class world wide for the next generation. Someday their entire 'Tower of Babel Enterprise' will fall and then people like the Esry's can once again stand on their own two feet and make wealth for themselves and successive generations as their OWN bosses and not have to watch what they built with 40 years of blood sweat and tears be washed down the drain and GIVEN to wal mart only to watch their own grandchildren have to work for slave wages AT wal mart. It's not true. There are exceptions of course. Or you'd have to pay MUCH more for everything you buy as the labor market compensates by raising salaries. One of my favorite quotes is: Curse the darkness if you must...but damn ya if you don't light a candle!!! They were bought out by a Chinese company. study in which two Super Walmart centers in two different states were evaluated. But, if they offer 10 dollars an hr and you need 'em up. It's a big realization for me and I probably wouldn't shop here anymore knowing how many tax dollars and subsidies are being wasted on Walmart. A good friend of mine worked there for ten years. When you realize this you will understand the difficulties for the average person in implementing the changes you suggest. az. Walmart has far an away more U.S. made product, but the unions didn't get their way so now it's sit back and lie just like they did with Coors Brewing and host of other big companies they tried to force their way into and failed.


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