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She is vindictive and extremely jealous, and she files for divorce after discovering Hurstwood's infatuation with Carrie. The saloon is named, appropriately enough, Fitzgerald and Moy's, and it serves as a gathering place for Chicago's glitterati. Carrie is the titular protagonist of the novel. Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. The protagonist, Carrie is a young girl of eighteen when she takes a train to Chicago. Note the way that each of the characters have embarked on their own quest for the fulfilment of their American... How does Dreiser implement Naturalism in "Sister Carrie"? Sister Carrie E-Text contains the full text of Sister Carrie. She leaves Hurstwood near the end and enjoys great success as one of Broadway's stars. Throughout the passage, the narrator provides insight into Carrie’s character mainly by? Mrs. Vance is, for a time, Carrie's neighbor in New York City. Describe Sister Carrie as a novel of ideas. SparkNotes is brought to you by Barnes & Noble. The protagonist, Carrie is a young girl of eighteen when she takes a train to Chicago. She eventually becomes Carrie's roommate, even when Carrie starts earning a fortune. He persists in his effort until every man has a place to sleep. There is something monolithic in her nature, and certain gifts or curses of sensitivity and pluck combine to give her an appeal that her fellows recognize as representative of themselves. Carrie's sister and the person Carrie first lives with in Chicago. Carrie's neighbor in New York, she introduces Carrie to Broadway society. Our summaries and analyses are written by experts, and your questions are answered by real teachers. When Hurstwood starts playing around with Carrie, she hires a detective and some lawyers to file for divorce. I would have to say naive.... or unhappy. In the melodrama of the novel, Carrie begins as the heroine of a popular romance, the naive, dreamy-eyed, ambitious but virtuous youngest sister; she emerges as a sort of nun, a "sister of the poor," dedicated to charity, lonely and celibate. He has no wish to inflict harm on others and tries, while pleasing himself, to bring them happiness.... Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this Sister Carrie study guide and get instant access to the following: You'll also get access to more than 30,000 additional guides and 300,000 Homework Help questions answered by our experts. J. N. Smith. She is a vain girl who hopes to enter elite social circles by marrying rich. She fills Carrie in on all of the gossip … After his mother sues his father for divorce, he refuses to have anything to do with Hurstwood. Only twenty-seven years old, Minnie appears older. Evaluate Theodore Dreiser's Sister Carrie as a city novel. She is focused on her own success and on her daughter Jessica. Charlie Drouet is a charming, flashy salesman with a strong appetite for romance. After being wooed by Hurstwood, she is kidnapped by him and taken to New York. Frank Hale's wife, she is the person in Chicago who introduces Carrie to the wealthier lifestyle. Sister Carrie Character List Carrie Meeber. When he encounters Carrie, Hurstwood has fallen into the practice of maintaining only the semblance of marital order; he denies himself little in the way of pleasures that he genuinely covets, but he has the saving grace of discretion on his side. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. George Hurstwood's son, a young lawyer who enjoys life in his own, private way. © 2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. When his business in New York fails, he becomes an idler. Throughout the book, she is never given to reflection. She meets a traveling salesman named Drouet and moves in with him after a few weeks. Carrie is, finally, a sentimental character, not a passionate one. Afterward, she becomes infatuated with another man, George Hurstwood. Many of the works... Analyze Hurstwood's character in Dreiser's Sister Carrie. He loses Carrie to Hurstwood and then, years later, after she has become a famous actress, tries unsuccessfully to win her back. The first man that Carrie meets on the train to Chicago. He is boring, returns home from work and focuses on the newspaper, and only puts up with Carrie because he thinks she can contribute to the household income. Caroline Meeber belongs to this second group, which performs its sad, forsaken quest in the manner of dancers after a flame. They do not press charges when he steals their money. George Hurstwood is the manager of Fitzgerald and Moy's, a saloon in Chicago. A cousin of Mrs. Vance, he is modeled on Thomas Edison. Carrie eventually leaves him and he turns into a homeless man who commits suicide at the end. Minnie dresses plainly and shows the wear and tear of a woman who has to work hard. Although he is warm-hearted, he never takes any of his romantic affairs seriously. Hurstwood's financial decline forces her to apply for jobs in the theater, and she soon becomes a well known actress. She is the catalyst for Carrie's dissatisfaction with Hurstwood's modest income. Carrie Wheeler, Carrie Madenda; a young woman from rural Wisconsin; the protagonist. She reappears in the last chapter with her mother, both of them heading off to Rome. George Hurstwood is a most interesting character. The Duality of Desire in Dreiser's Sister Carrie, Sister Carrie: Finding Identity In the City, Dreiser's New Woman and the American Dream, The Value of Reputation in Dreiser’s Materialist America, The Concept of Home in The Ambassadors and Sister Carrie, View Wikipedia Entries for Sister Carrie…. Minnie, Carrie’s sister, meets Carrie at the train station when Carrie arrives in Chicago. Not affiliated with Harvard College. Caroline Meeber, called Sister Carrie, a young Midwestern girl who rises from her small-town origins to success as an actress. Jessica is Hurstwood's daughter. The cosmopolitan consumer world of Chicago enthralls her, and she constantly wants to buy things. He finds her when she is poor and on the verge of returning home and convinces her to move in with him. Hurstwood has betrayed his place of trust by stealing money from his employers and has hoodwinked Carrie into running off with him, and these conditions prove insufferable. The key to Carrie’s apparently simple character is that she is a rather complex person. She becomes a famous, high-paid actress in New York City. George Hurstwood, the manager of a Chicago saloon, a man who has worked his way into a carefully balanced niche of the social order. Her first job is a low-paid, arduous position in a factory. Carrie and Hurstwood run to New York, where they discover that married life is far less exciting than their affair. One by one, his carefully structured conceptions of himself and his flamboyance crumple, and he learns that he is no match for grubbiness. There, he marries her before his divorce with Julia is complete. Carrie longs to be her social equal and learns how to act the part of a wealthy woman from her. He falls in love with Carrie and slowly sacrifices his family, home and job for her. resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Although he keeps his theft a secret from Carrie, he is discovered by an investigator and required to return most of the money in order to protect his reputation. He tells Carrie that he loves her, but he fails to mention that he is married. Every day, other homeless men gather around him, and he asks passing pedestrians to donate the price of a bed for the night for each man. Drouet has no real depth to his nature. Fitzgerald and Moy are good to Hurstwood, the saloon's manager, first providing him with gainful employment and then choosing not to prosecute when he steals thousands of dollars from them. The captain is a homeless man who lives in New York. He finds her when she is poor and on the... Minnie Hanson. At the beginning of the novel, he is a wealthy, important man. She and Carrie become friends, and Carrie notices that she is a wealthy, well-kept wife. What is sad about Carrie is that each time she steps up to the much prized rung that has been just above, her ideal eludes her and she becomes vaguely disillusioned with still another symbol of happiness and success. The first man that Carrie meets on the train to Chicago. Hurstwood's employers who run a successful bar in Chicago. Julia Hurstwood is Hurstwood's first wife. Hanson and his wife Minnie are Carrie's first hosts in Chicago. Lola befriends Carrie in New York because they work as chorus girls in the same show. Her story illustrates one part of the author’s division of humankind between the Intellectual and the Emotional. Her influence is partly what makes Carrie notice how much more refined Hurstwood is when compared to Drouet. The Triangle Fire: A Brief History with Documents. Charles Drouet (drew-AY ), a traveling salesman and a superficial egotist, Carrie Meeber’s first lover. He represents the immigrant attitude towards hard work and slow accumulation of wealth. She meets a traveling salesman named Drouet and moves in with him after a few weeks. He begins to fancy himself as quite clever, something of a commander on the field of life, and this self-deception brings about his eventual collapse. Because he never fully understands Carrie, a pall of reality weights their relationship. She is the sister of Minnie … She meets a... Charles H. Drouet. Although she uses Drouet and Hurstwood to her advantage, she is no gross country girl grasping at opportunity. As Carrie Madena, she scores a success on the stage by acting in flimsy, superficial parts.


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