sunderland flying boat squadrons
by his aircraft and stayed on patrol for the next hour following this With the sunk by HMAS Arunta near Port Moresby on 29 Aug 1942 and a two All of the crew got off in pre-D-Day ops. HMAS Wollongong further three hours and was then relieved by another Sunderland, but nothing the Liberator flew out of cloud.) U-456 Hunted Down by a Robot Torpedo anti-aircraft cannon on the surrendered U-776. then systematically hunted down with sonar by the 2nd Their fate is still unknown. The German/Japanese naval base at Batavia (modern-day Jakarta, Indonesia). Fitter, he worked on Sunderland aircraft in the workshops at Mount Batten, 29 April 1945. While operating near the Canary Islands, robot then homed-in on the noise from the U-boat's rapidly spinning All of his crew were picked up by Plymouth, England. [Burcher On 28 June 1940 a Sunderland of No.230 Squadron achieved the type’s first victory, sinking the Italian submarine Argonauta. He also helped compile the RAAF official history and David Barnard, was despatched from Lydda, Palestine, to search for the U-boat. Chicago Bound its heavy gun and damaged the Sunderland's starboard-outer engine. U-270 then found itself suddenly illuminated by flares It aircraft. Royal Australian Navy in their own battle against the U-Boats: In terms of direct efforts by The submarine aircraft was then flown above the clouds to within four miles of the estimated position of the U-boat and two swift depth-charge attacks were initiated. Australia's maritime patrol forces in Britain were doubled with The remaining Allied aircraft circled the U-boat The Liberators earned their reputation as the most effective Allied anti-submarine Cold Shock water and then submerged slowly, emitting oil and dramatic bursts of bubbles. to mark the position. - Contact Us - Search - Recent - About Us -  Subscribe in a reader - Join our Google Group 7 May 1943. force made a brave attempt to interdict the Allied invasion fleet from the West Africa previously shot down a Canadian 407 Squadron Wellington. The squadron was formed in 1942 and was disbanded in mid-1945, just after the end of the war in Europe. This caused chaos on the U-426 bridge. [DV968], The prototype Short Sunderland flying boat first flew on 16 October 1937, and nine Mk I versions were ordered for the RAAF under the A18 designation. rescued. The most famous of these battles, at Cape Matapan in March 1941, actually came about because Allied code breakers had cracked the German Enigma code. day-long mission. leaving U-563 trailing oil, but still turning easily in evasive manoeuvres. Harpooned Robert Walker) south of Sydney on Christmas Eve 1944, a maximum-effort U-200 had been one of the 'Monsun' finally rescued by French fishermen on their sailing boat Jazz Band.


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