sunk in a sentence
The king being sunk in apathy, the task of negotiation devolved upon the queen; but in her inexperience and ignorance of affairs, and the uncertainty of information from abroad, it was hard for her to follow any clear policy. 282677 We're sunk.CM 1 2107360 We're sinking.CK 1 2244929 Are we sinking?CK 1 2406096 I saw the boat sink.CK 1 273394 The ship is sinking.CK 1 2546963 Tom scrubbed the sink.CK 1 325267 The storm sank the boat. It is placed alongside the boat and sunk to a depth of 4 ft. Up to that date some £4,000,000 of foreign capital had been sunk in the country with very little return. The yeoman class had sunk into semi-serfdom. In the Machilidae and Lepismidae (these two families are known as the Ectotrophi) the maxillae are like those of typical biting insects, and there is a median tail-bristle in addition to the paired cerci; while in the Campodeidae and Japygidae (which form the group Entotrophi) the jaws are apparently sunk in the head, through a deep inpushing at the mouth, and there is no median tail-bristle. Great quantities of expensive merchandise glutted the market and were sunk in the liquid mud of the streets as fillage for the construction of sidewalks. There are also a few wrecks including the Russian frigate, Capt. The remainder of the day, so far as family life is concerned, is spent in the serdab, a cellar sunk somewhat below the level of the courtyard, damp from frequent wettings, with its half windows covered with hurdles thatched with camel thorn and kept dripping with water. This was the first time that a U-boat had been sunk using rocket projectiles. These large plants have from 40 to 50 ridges, on which the buds and clusters of spines are sunk at intervals, the aggregate number of the spines having been in some cases computed at upwards of 50,000 on a single plant. Sunken sentence examples. In the interior is sunk in the rock a chamber 24X23 ft. Distrusting the secular clergy, who were wholly sunk in the world, he looked to the regular clergy for support, he church. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Verse 9, perhaps: He sunk (y .t) her gates in the ground, - He shattered her bars; He made her king and her princes wander (1;re, Jer. After a most destructive career she was sunk off Cherbourg by the "Kearsarge" on the 19th of June 1864. In fact, in the last years of his reign he had sunk into a perfect dotage. Don't waste geometric moves just to shout out a coordinate because in the end you are not the one that wants to be saying "you've sunk my battleship" over and over again. ), Roman statesman, was a member of a great patrician family which had sunk into obscurity. CETTIGNE (Servian, Tsetinye; also written Cettinje, Tzetinje, and Tsettinye), the capital of Montenegro; in a narrow plain deeply sunk in the heart of the limestone mountains, at a height of 2093 ft. sinkS Royal Oak was sunk by a German U-boat on October 14, 1939, with the loss of 833 lives. Second, the general subsidence of the coast has sunk the lower-lying parts of the ancient town under water. , The Titanic sunk because it crashed into an iceberg. This cavity was filled with rubbish, sherds, &c., the latest of which was found to date as far back as the beginning of the Middle Minoan age, and the later work of 1908 only proved (by means of a small shaft sunk through the debris) that the rock floor was 52 ft. The sense-organs are tentaculocysts which are usually enclosed in vesicles and may be sunk far below the surface. Odysseus in his wanderings arrived at the coast inhabited by the Laestrygones, and escaped with only one ship, the rest being sunk by the giants with masses of rock. He sat, sunk deep in a folding armchair, and continually cleared his throat and pulled at the collar of his coat which, though it was unbuttoned, still seemed to pinch his neck. Buildings have sunk - some of them disappearing altogether. What made you want to look up sunk? He himself was, however, no more prepared for attack than the Republic for defence, but the Dutch had already sunk so low, that they agreed to pay a heavy indemnity to induce the Austrians to drop a demand they were unable to enforce. Provinces, where a few stones have been found, and a district on the Gouel and the Sunk rivers in Bengal, which V. square sunk into the blue ground; the diamantiferous rock was hoisted by bucket and windlass, and roadways were left across the pit to provide access to the claims. The casemates in the gorge, partially cut of rt off from the terreplein by a couple of deep sunk yards Arthur. In springtails, or Collembola, the jaws are sunk into the head, as in the entotrophous Thysanura; the head carries a pair of feelers with not more than six (usually four) segments, and there are eight (or fewer) distinct simple eyes on each side of the head (fig. The " wild-cat " wells, sunk by speculators on untested territory or on lands which had not previously proved productive, played an important part in the earlier mapping out of the petroleum fields. The mildest of men, a crowned monk, who let slip the reins of government from his hands while he busied himself in prayer and church building, he lowered the kingly power to a depth to which it had never sunk before in England. It is thereafter once more tied up, placed in the crates, and sunk in the river to complete the retting process; but this double steeping is not invariably practised. Delivered to your inbox! "Hatteras" off Galveston, and was finally sunk by the U.S.S. It is, however, now more generally believed that it exists in the breccia of some of the valleys on the west side of the lake, which is washed into the sea and submerged, till the small stones by which it is sunk are loosened and fall out, when the bitumen rises to the surface. The Monk was certainly defeated, and his fleet was entirely scattered, sunk or taken. Britain's greatest soldier, Lord Kitchener, died on the cruiser HMS Hampshire, sunk by mines off Orkney's west coast in 1916. Next suppose a well to be sunk in the middle of the island, and a certain quantity of water to be drawn therefrom daily. The goal, which is well preserved at the upper end, is similar to that at Olympia; it consists of a sill of stone sunk level with the ground, with parallel grooves for the feet of the runners at starting, and sockets to hold the posts that separated the spaces assigned to the various competitors, and served as guides to them in running. 32. Stolze accordingly started the theory that the royal castle of Persepolis stood close by Nakshi Rustam, and has sunk in course of time to shapeless heaps of earth, under which the remains may be concealed. Three-fourths of the Turkish and Egyptian vessels were sunk by the assailants, or fired by their own crews. The simple plain ashlar masonry still predominates, but the wall surface is broken up with sunk panels, sometimes with geometrical patterns in them. 62 no less than 200 ships with their cargoes were sunk, and there was an important guild of divers (urinatores) at Ostia. Sunken in a sentence (1) Her eyes looked dull and sunken. When a ship is sunk the player must announce it. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! 28. In a census made during Barsbais reign, it was found that the total number of towns and villages in Egypt had sunk to 2170, whereas in the 4th century A.H. Day was breaking and as the boat was badly damaged she was sunk. It follows that a pure trade-wind drift cannot reach to any great depth, and this seems to be confirmed by observation, as when tow-nets are sunk to depths of 50 fathoms and more in the region of the equatorial current they always show a strong drift away from the side of the ship, the ship itself following the surface current. Thus in 1878 the value of the sugar exported was £3,408,000; in 1888 it had sunk to £1,911,000, and in 1898 to £1,632,000. Extensive plateaus (1500-1750 ft.), into which Lake Enare, or Inari, and the valleys of its tributaries are deeply sunk, and which take the character of a mountain region in the Saariselka (highest summit, 2360 ft.), occupy the remainder of Lapland. The " Auk " was captured by a British patrol boat and sunk by her own crew while being taken to Queenstown. The cheek-prominences are of an intense blue, the effect of which is heightened by deeply sunk longitudinal furrows of a darker tint, while the central line and termination of the nose are bright scarlet. Once through the wormhole to Atlantis, the crew found a city sunk beneath the water. All thermometers sunk into deep water must be protected against the enormous pressure to which they are exposed. Pillars inserted to avoid calamity are said to have come from the timbers of Spanish Galleons sunk in the Armada. The players continue their battle alternating their turns until one of the fleets is completely sunk. Ostend, though the width of the entrance was reduced probably to 300 ft., was not closed, and though the ships sunk in Zeebrugge must have caused great inconvenience and delay it may be doubted whether they actually stopped the passage of submarines for more than a month. 14 a and grew in importance as the Mahratta kingdom rose, while the king sunk into the condition of a puppet.


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