the metamorphosis part 2 and 3 summary

Unlike the insect Gregor, in whom music brings out the best, it is the others, in failing to appreciate art, that are something less than human.

While there, he had been absorbed by the passing of every minute.

Gregor's lack of consideration, however, is only a somewhat belated response to his family's lack of consideration for him. Body. Even when the door is left open, he often simply ignores it. She is certain that Gregor is persecuting them and wants to drive them out of the apartment so he can have it to himself, when in fact it is they who have kept him shut up in his room with furniture, garbage, and dirt.
Gregor notes that the family is not as lively as they used to be, when he would dream about them in hotel rooms. The conflict, at this point, comes to a close.


The other lodgers also give notice before retreating into their room. Kafka's views of humanity found their origins in his idiosyncratic religious views, lying somewhere outside the mainstream of Judaism. He was driven only by his sense of duty and then guilt, but since his guilt had no real cause, he also could not cling to it for his identity. They scuttle, like Gregor, and move quickly to avoid being cut off, like Gregor, because they have been humiliated and overpowered with authority. He finds that he has little space to move and enjoys shifting the garbage around. When Grete begins to play the violin in the living room, something stirs in Gregor.

At this point Gregor's sister steps forward and forcefully tells her parents that they have looked after the creature long enough and must now get rid of it.

But lying on his back, he notices that he now has a gigantic shell and numerous skinny legs that don't seem to do much. A new phase had already started, of course, when he woke up to find himself transformed. And, most important: even if Gregor is 100% cockroach, does the cockroach still deserve some respect because he was once Gregor? In the second chapter, however, he had already made contact with his family, and was aware that their reaction was one of revulsion and that they had left him isolated.

Gregor has here found his human identity, which he has been unable to find previously. To link to this The Metamorphosis Part 3 Summary page, copy the following code to your site: The wound Gregor's father created by throwing the apple is quite severe, and it causes him discomfort for more than a month. However, with her nosy, goofy, and lower-class attitude, she was more interested in him and less disgusted by him when he was alive than any of his family, who don't want to hear the details of Gregor's insect-hood. He also stops eating almost entirely. But maybe the strength of her love makes it harder for her to cope with the outcomes of his behavior. It is clear that the music has touched Gregor in a completely new way.


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