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Should you find any missing information or additional adaptations, please let us know! However, he is left alone at the end of the film, befriending the same stray dog he met at the beginning. Telling the story of a pawnbroker and a girl who frequents his shop (and he falls immediately in love with), it’s easy to see why this story gained so much traction among filmmakers — it has all the hallmarks of Dostoyevsky’s customary “Косность” (the spiritual inertness of materialism).

Worldly Wisdom." Good-bye now," she said speaking rapidly. But I shall make you laugh if I tell you that I have several times thought of speaking, just simply speaking, to some aristocratic lady in the street, when she is alone, I need hardly say; speaking to her, of course, timidly, respectfully, passionately; telling her that I am perishing in solitude, begging her not to send me away; saying that I have no chance of making the acquaintance of any woman; impressing upon her that it is a positive duty for a woman not to repulse so timid a prayer from such a luckless man as me. Well, now it's quite enough," she said, hardly able to control herself. Aie! I wanted to go away without answering, but I hadn't the strength. ", "What is it? she began gravely a minute later.

“Partner bears the unmistakable influence of Jean-Luc Godard right from its opening credits, which play over disjointed snippets of Ennio Morricone’s score. If you ever fall in love with some one, God give you happiness with her!

Let me tell you that in these corners live strange people—dreamers. It’s a video diary in essence or in Underground Man’s exact words: “It’s not so much a confession as a moral tale to show how I’ve ruined my life – from spite.”” [Jeff Stafford], Notes from the New World – 2011 USA DVD | Review. what are two evenings? What you told me about your dreamer is quite untrue now—that is, I mean, it's not true of you.

[2] The movie takes its title and basic plot from Fyodor Dostoevsky’s 1848 short story White Nights. Yes, even good directors can have a bad day. That is why he starts, almost cries out, and looks round with horror when a respectable old lady stops him politely in the middle of the pavement and asks her way. I walked about all night; I could not make up my mind to go home. My way lay along the canal embankment, where at that hour you never meet a soul. My heart began throbbing. Translator, digital marketer and social media strategist by day, roamer of the moody chiaroscuro worlds of film noir by night. Plot. Directed by Richard Brooks She suddenly stopped, left off laughing and began to count. You are happy—I am happy too. ", "All my life, Nastenka," I answered; "all my life, and it seems to me I shall go on so to the end. What sort of type?" All the passers-by gave me such friendly looks that they seemed almost greeting me, they all seemed so pleased at something. ", "Nastenka," I answered in a stern and dignified voice, hardly able to keep from laughing, "dear Nastenka, I know I describe splendidly, but, excuse me, I don't know how else to do it. "And indeed it's an absurd thing," I began, warming to my task and admiring the extraordinary clearness of my argument, "why, he could not have come; you have muddled and confused me, Nastenka, so that I too, have lost count of the time.... Only think: he can scarcely have received the letter; suppose he is not able to come, suppose he is going to answer the letter, could not come before to-morrow.

What torments they suffered, what agonies of terror, how innocent, how pure was their love, and how (I need hardly say, Nastenka) malicious people were! She seemed to listen attentively to what I told her; but when I asked her some question she was silent, was confused, and turned her head away. Directed by Vitaly Sumin. Fekla is our charwoman, she is deaf. You are not capable of insulting, even in thought, her who so loved and so loves you. ", "Yes, yes! White Nights (Italian: Le notti bianche) is a 1957 Italian film directed by Italian neorealist Luchino Visconti. Here, I don't know now whether I have not said something silly to you! "And not a line, not a line! I sat down to read a few pages, and didn't get up till I'd finished it. We will meet him together; I want him to see how fond we are of each other. A philosophical tale drenched in Oedipal themes and set in 19th-century Russia, we’re dealing with three brothers (monastery novice Alyosha, rationalist Vanya, sensualist Mitya) and their relationship with father Fyodor, and the rapidly modernizing Russia in the background. I tell you what, we must behave more sensibly in future. They are both charming, honest, and very self-aware. There was a problem loading your book clubs. ", "Come, don't work on my feelings any more," said Nastenka, wiping away a tear which was trickling down her cheek. A humble clerk courts a woman who night after night awaits for the return of her lover. Tell me, how is it that we can't all be like brothers together? ", "You are sorry for me, Nastenka, you are simply sorry for me, my dear little friend! White Nights, is a classic short story by Fyodor Dostoevsky, one of the worlds most loved and respected authors. The 2014 version by Shalyapin has been called a low-budget rip-off film. At first she giggled at everything, laughed at every word I said. Natalia (Maria Schell) is lonely because she has always lived in isolation, even in the heart of the city.

How do you know? This was how it happened. You must admit that it was a duty....", "No, no; I mean before, on the other side—you know you meant to come up to me. I have lived, as they say, keeping myself to myself, that is, utterly alone—alone, entirely alone. "A week later I met him again on the stairs.

"'No,' I said, 'I don't want to deceive grandmother. How I blessed you at that moment! "No, there is no letter," I said at last. New faces made him feel alone. I will tell you afterwards! she interrupted, laughing. "No, of course not," I said pulling myself up; "but I tell you what, write a letter.". The creation of this amazing artist is not a female type, but rather an image of eternal femininity born of masculine admiration, never an act of imitation or mimicry.” [Wajda.pl], With its 800 pages and twelve books, this is Dostoyevsky’s largest work, and according to many critics his finest. Film noir aficionados will fondly remember Siodmak for noir classics like Criss Cross and especially The Killers, but what he does here is a little glitzier: backed by MGM’s big cash, the production first tried to cast Kirk Douglas as Armand de Glasse in the adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s gambling opus, but Douglas opted for the much smaller noir sport drama Champion — which gave him his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. Nastenka) dingily prosaic and ordinary, not to say incredibly vulgar. ", "I know, Nastenka, I know!" I cried jumping up from the seat in utter despair. My heart was full: I tried to speak, but I could not. If you feel that your love is so great that it may at last drive from my heart my old feeling—if you will have pity on me—if you do not want to leave me alone to my fate, without hope, without consolation—if you are ready to love me always as you do now—I swear to you that gratitude ... that my love will be at last worthy of your love.... Will you take my hand? "White Nights" (Russian: Белые ночи, Belye nochi) is a short story by Fyodor Dostoevsky, originally published in 1848, early in the writer's career.. Like many of Dostoevsky's stories, "White Nights" is told in the first person by a nameless narrator.The narrator is a young man living in Saint Petersburg who suffers from loneliness.

"Oh, my God!". For his part, Mario rejects obvious offers of romantic attention from other women in the story, holding on to a fruitless obsession. She taught me French, and then got a teacher for me. I am to blame. From whom?" "Here is the letter, here is the address to which you are to take it. "So we began reading Walter Scott, and in a month or so we had read almost half. For though I had been living almost eight years in Petersburg I had hardly an acquaintance. But to imagine that I should bear you a grudge, Nastenka! The short story is divided into six sections: The narrator describes his experience walking in the streets of St. Petersburg. You wound my heart, you are killing me, Nastenka!

"What was I to do? – Vitaly Sumin” [MyFilm.gr], Doppelgänger themes often make for great dramatic tension to begin with, imagine with Dostoyevsky.

She seemed to expect me to say something. Oh, what I've suffered during these three days! ", "Who are you then? He tells her that it is a girl's duty not to rudely reject or mock one as timid and luckless as he is. Come, listen quietly. she asked suddenly, raising her head. "Grandmother was always regretting the old days—she was younger in old days, and the sun was warmer in old days, and cream did not turn so sour in old days—it was always the old days! Directed by Andrzej Wajda You see, you must write the letter first! "Enough! Diaz was actually criticized a bit for this film by frequent flyers of his work, which is usually quite longer and decked in black and white. I'm so glad friends recommended this beautiful story.

Good-bye.'. Isn't such a moment sufficient for the whole of a man's life? Bresson’s fourth ride with Dostoyevsky material, and arguably the most interesting one — seeing as White Nights is prone to oversimplification because of its superficially simpler themes, and that the French director does wonders with the material. ", "To-morrow, Nastenka, to-morrow; I owe a little for my rent there but that doesn't matter. "Well, God be with him," she said at last in a breaking voice; "God be with him if he leaves me like that.".

I don't know how to be silent when my heart is speaking. I have almost struck up a friendship with one old man whom I meet every blessed day, at the same hour in Fontanka. He first sees her standing against a railing, crying. For two evenings I was puzzling my brains to think what was amiss in my corner; why I felt so uncomfortable in it. Nastenka reassures him that ladies like timidity and she likes it, too.

You could make an argument that just about every great director has, at one point in their career, been heavily influenced by other luminaries of the genre.

I love to build up my present in harmony with the irrevocable past, and I often wander like a shadow, aimless, sad and dejected, about the streets and crooked lanes of Petersburg. I went to meet her with a full heart, and was all impatience.

The girl flew straight as an arrow, with the timid haste one sees in all girls who do not want any one to volunteer to accompany them home at night, and no doubt the staggering gentleman would not have pursued her, if my good luck had not prompted him. I shall come for certain, whatever happens; be sure to be here, I want to see you, I will tell you everything. "'The dreamer'", he explains, "is not a human being, but a creature of an intermediate sort." SEND ME MY FREE E-BOOK, Rikos ja Rangaistus (Crime and Punishment), Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan (Norte, the End of History), Crime et Châtiment (Crime and Punishment), Братья Карамазовы (The Brothers Karamazov), Die Brüder Karamasoff (The Brothers Karamazov), Der Mörder Dimitri Karamasoff (The Murderer Dimitri Karamazov), I Fratelli Karamazoff (The Brothers Karamazov), Dostoyevsky Reimagined: The Making of Notes from the New World, En la Ciudad de Sylvia (In the City of Silvia), L’Homme au Chapeau Rond (The Eternal Husband), La Vengeance d’une Femme (A Woman’s Revenge), Униженные и оскорблённые (Humiliated and Insulted), Записки из Мёртвого дома (The House of the Dead). I looked at Matrona. ", "Good God, can I do nothing to help you in your sorrow?" Directed by Andrzej Żuławski When I woke up it seemed as though some musical motive long familiar, heard somewhere in the past, forgotten and voluptuously sweet, had come back to me now. It is the product of the transforming power of the imagination.

DVD | Review. Do you know what has occurred to me now?


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